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Samstag, 2. März 2013

Gets // LINEplay~ !

haiiii guys!
Something very sad happened a few days ago...
My laptop with all my stuff died!! baka me didn't save anything! So that means...everything is gone!
My just glad that I've my pictures of Tokyo on my Facebook and smartphone! Well...most pictures, videos, music and homeworks are gone...I was so sad! graaaaaah...I don't have the money for a new one...or I have to take money for my trip to Tokyo .___. But I don't want to! My sister gave me her laptop...but I have to give it back sooner or later...Unlucky me!

But today I want to write a new entry!
I'm so lazy...A few years ago I've wrote every single day! Now I'm only writing about 4 entries in a whole month xD" I'm going to write every day when I'm back in Japan! That's for sure! (: 

Oh and btw...I will visit the legendary Japanday in Düsseldorf this year! :) 
I'll finally meet a very good friend of mine...I know her for years and the Japanday is the chance to meet her in rl! < 3 I'm already quite excited! 

Sorry for the long intro!
This entry is not going to be that interesting but well, hope you like it :3¨

I've got some new things the last week~

 A while ago, I've bought the great game "Ni no Kuni"
Evey Ghibli Fan should buy this game! It's fantastic! The story is pretty nice, the gameplay is easy to learn and the characters are soooo lovely!! I love Drippy! xD He's a badass fairy but also a way too funny! God...I've cried because of the "Intro Story" ;^; Ohhhhh dear Ghibli...Only annoying thing...You run in the world which is a bit like Pokemon...Wild monsters are running after you and you have to fight! And OMG...sometimes there are a way too much monsters and I'm getting very angry...VERY angry xD 

But the game is still a masterpiece of my tiny collection :3 <3 nbsp="" p="">

Epic! I have a new friend...The cute Dragon "Tengri" (I don't know the english name for him c.c )
My order from Amazon..well my dad ordered them for me because I was sick...A little present for his sick daughter ;^; 
ohh I'm in love with "Vassalord" Anyone who knows this manga too? :D 

My Tofu Cute order arrived very quick!
I've waited only 4 days < 3 
 I'm not a big fan of the alpacas BUT they are cute as cotton candy!
I had to order this little cutie!
It's a little bag and I'm using it for my MP3player :3 Very useful!
His name is レモン!
 I've bought this two alpaca charms for nikyami and myself.
We wanted them so badly and every time we've checked Tofu Cute they were sold out...-__-
muhahaha but I've took the chance and lucky me...I've got them! >:3
She has the yellow one and I have the pink one.
Her name is ピンク!
I'm very creative yeeeeesh~

Here they are :D
Aren't our partnercharms lovely?? < 3

My lovely mother bought me new shoes and a new sweater! :D
I'm so in love with the design of the shoes *___*

of course I love the new sweater too < 3
it's biiiiiig and awesome < 3 
thank you mum!

Do you guys know the very popular game LINEplay??
I'm using many apps from LINE. They are very cute and funny!
Like LINEcamera :) 
I've seen many people on my instagram using LINEplay. It was time to make myself an avatar and play!
It's mucho kawaii!! (>A< )
They have so many cute things, like outfits and inventory...You can make your room so pretty and cute...but you need lot of gems to do that o__o Holy shit...that's the only thing I don't like xD
It's pretty hard to get gems and to buy new stuff..

If you have LINEplay, please tell me your name and let be friends...maybe? :D
Here is also my invitation code;



  1. I'm so sad for your pc ç_ç I hope you can get a nw one soon ♥! The alpacas are soooo cute *v* I really like your new shoes!

    1. it's horrible to lose everything...every memory ;^; I'll buy a new one the next weekend...maybe ._. baibai money...
      thank ya! :D <3

  2. ooooh, ich sollte mal besser auch was extern speichern von meinem Laptop ^^°... I'm sooo sorry for you.... der pure Horror alle Daten zu verlieren!!!
    ich mag diese Alpakas auch nicht soooo unbedingt aber deine sind echt süß XD Vor allem die anhänger <3 <3 <3 ich hätte auch den pinken haben wollen ~haha
    Vielleicht können wir uns ja auf dem legendären Japantag mal wieder sehen? Ich bin nämlich auch da ^^ Wenigstens kurz XD
    bye bye

    1. Ja solltest du unbedingt! ._. Ich bin echt froh, dass ich meine Fotos von Japan bei FB drin hab...baibai memories~
      Jah die Anhänger haben es uns echt angetan xDD
      Omg ja sehr sehr seeeehr gerne!! :D das wäre echt toll wenn wir uns wieder treffen könnten ^_^

  3. Japanday... I'm jealous! D: I hope to get there as well.
    You're playing Ni No Kuni? Well that doesn't surprise me... pewds ftw! ;)

    1. of course I do!! xD
      Do you know the game?? or just watch pewdie playing it?? *_*