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Sonntag, 10. März 2013

New Layout made by my precious friend, Domi♥ / Music

haiiiiiii guys~!!
I guess you recognize it already..
Here is my new blog layout! Isn't it pretty?? I'm in love with the new design. I liked the old one too but it was dark...and well I needed a change!
Now my blog is ready for the spring/summer! Hope my readers like it as much as I do :3

It's made by one of my most important friends!
She's a very nice, helpful and honest person. She's from Germany, Hamburg and I didn' met her in person yet ._. We are waiting since years to see each other! FINALLY!

We are going to meet us at the Japanday in Düsseldorf!! ^____^ wahhhhh~!!
A dream comes true!! < 3 I think she's the person who knows the most about me...the real me somehow.
It's funny, isn't it? A person who isn't in my country, a girl I've never met in person before, knows me better than some of my friends here! I love her. Can't wait to give her the biggest hug ever! < 3 

Danke für alles schatz  < 3
Ich liebe dich~

Now time for some music!
Here are a few songs/videos which I love~ < 3

Girl's Generation-I Got A Boy
(Dance Cover)

Secret-Twinkle Twinkle

(Nicole Jung as hot as the hell!!)

AKB48-Gingham Check
(reminds me so much of my trip to Tokyo last year..)

2ne1-Follow Me



  1. your new layout is really cute, i like the cute bunny *chu*

    2NE1 its so cool and so sexy, i love this girls, so fantastic music <3

    1. yeah, the bunny is a new special from my friend hahah x)

      ahhhw I love 2ne1 too! Their music is always so great! and yeah..they are all unbelievable hot :X

  2. The layout is so cute, and SNSD yay*.*

    1. thank you ^__^
      I like SNSD :D but I prefer this dance cover somehow xD"

  3. The new layout is really cute *_* perfect for spring! I'm also really happy for you ♥ it's always so beautiful meet a dear friend!

    1. thank you so so much!
      you are always so kind! >3<
      so true!! I'm very glad that I've got the chance to see her in person! :)
      thank you <3

  4. Such a cute blog ^^ Oh I love 2NE1 ans Secret <33

    1. Thank you ^__^
      me too, I don't know Secret this long but the girls are lovely~ <3