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Samstag, 9. März 2013

Ni no Kuni (finished) & Naruto Storm 3 !

haiiiiii guys~!
How are you doing?? :)

I've planned to make a personal entry...The topic will be "my room". nothing really special but a very personal thing in my opinion. Not for today but I'm going to make this kind of entry in the next days.
Stay tuned if you want to know how I live and to see my tiny secrets in my room~

As the title tells you, I've finished the main story of Ni no Kuni!!

If you have the chance to buy the game...DO IT! 

Every Ghibli fan will love it! 
The story is very dramatic and at some points so sad..I've cried a lot! When you realize what happened to Oliver...and think about his whole's just sad! But the game showed me; never give up! quite easy to say I know...but there is always light somewhere in the darkness! 

The soundtrack is pure love! Joe Hisaishi did a great job as usual..Even the parts where you are running in the giant world of Ni no Kuni never get boring because of the fantastic soundtrack. It's a beautiful melody..
The characters are so lovely!! Each one is different and it's pretty cool to change the character in the battles! To be honest...I've always used Oliver..xD Only when he died I've used another one to heal Oliver >8D
Oh one thing I need to tell about the gameplay. I like it pretty much!! It's kinda like playing Pokemon but you can run around while you battle with the monsters BUT...FUCK ALL THE MONSTERS!! There were a way too many of them sometimes!! -____- Even if you've killed them..after a few minutes...they are back!! So going back to heal your characters is...IMPOSSIBLE! Oh dear...there were times where I was just angry as hell..

I have to go through the castle to find the white witch~

Robots and Monsters everywhere~ No problem~ 
Won against 5 Monsters and a Robot. Happy time~ "OH wait my energy is quite poor :O" Going back to the heal-stone~ "okay, everybody is fine again and the game is saved! :3" Want to go back through the path I've just been 1 minute ago...ALL THE MONSTERS ARE ALIVE!! 

"Fine!! Gonna kick all their asses again! No problem!"
Suddenly the monsters are a way stronger...(HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!) 

But I can win against them! :D I can go ahead! A few minutes later I recognized that I was going into a dead end where a monster suddenly attacked me. YEAY~!! Win!! My life is quite at the end. "Pfff, don't need to heal myself! I only need to go upstairs! :D " ALL THE DEAD MONSTERS ARE ALIVE AND RUN AFTER ME AND ATTACK ME! 
Result; I died c.c 
Back to the heal-stone, go ahead back to the stairs...ALL THE MONSTERS ARE BACK!!

It was horrible!!
(btw...doesn't Lars/Marcassin look like a younger Hauro/Howl?? *__*
haha *fangirl mode activated*)

Well, at least I have to say that the game is awesome! :)

I love to fly with Tengri. Dragons in games are the best ! (as long as they are your friends!)
The fight against Shadar was pretty easy! All the tiny boss battles were a way much harder! I was kinda surprised about that D: The same with the fight against the white witch...well I don't want to spoiler you ;D

Only "negative" thing about the story is that some parts of it wasn't very surprising..
but~ anyway. I love the game! I'm not sure how many hours I've spent on it..I have to check this.

Rate; 9,5/10 
I'm very happy that I've played this game! :) 
Now I will make all the tiny quests and the game told me that it isn't over yet.
Sorry for my bad english! 
I'm just so excited hahah 

Here is the ending song...(yes..I've cried)

Please give it a chance and listen to it!
It's so beautiful, sad and I don't know how to describe it.
It feels great to listen to it. I'm feeling sad, happy, lost but there is some hope inside of me..
< 3 

Here is the translation I've found..
The song is so sad and fits perfectly to the story!

"Over hills, green as a spring time
Chasing a lonely cloud white as snow
Some day soon, I mean to catch it
Hold tight and up into the sky i'll go
I think of what you told me
However sad life seems
That sometimes tears can turn to dreams

If I could only be with you once more 
And hold you tightly to my heart
We could walk this road together
And never ever be apart
Each and every heart will be healed 
On our journey through another world

Down the years, over the ages
Bonds from a secret past reach through
Life is grasped, one son is chosen
Once again a child is born anew
Deep in the heart of darkness
Where cold despair is from
The call of hope, may yet resound
I close my eyes and you are here 
Your smiling face shines down on me
I am alone, but never lonely
You're by my side and I could clearly see
That though the road into tomorrow is long
My mind is clear, my heart is strong

If I could only be with you once more
And hold you tightly to my heart
We could walk this road together 
And never ever be apart
Your light will shine on every forest and field
On our journey through another world"

Enough for Ni no Kuni.

Time for Naruto! :D

I've made a pre-order at the beginning of february!
I love the Naruto games!
*proud Naruto Fan since the beginning*
I was so happy to hear that there was a new game coming in 2013!! 
So exciting!! < 3 *____*

They changed the storymode!!
The one of Generations was...very boring!! Õ_Ó

So happy they worked on the game and it seems they made an effort! :D

Here is my copy < 3 
Can't wait to play with all my favorites!!
Suigetsu, Temari, Masked Man/Obito, Itachi~ 
Ohhhhhh and the fans are finally able to play with the Tailed beasts!! 

The 4 Ninja War x Tailed Beasts x better Storymode x Boss battles x new Characters
O M G < 3
Thank you Naruto games for always making efforts!! xD

 Haha, I really need Naruto with the sexy Goku outfit! 

Here is my little Naruto Games Collection :3
Well my first game was for the GameCube "Clash of a Ninja 2" was a bit boring..but I've got the game in I was happy with it! xD 

After this game I've found the great Ultimate Ninja Game *___* So much better!
my sister bought me "Clash of a Ninja Revolution 3" for Wii...NO WAY!
I prefer the games for the playstation x.x

as you can see~ 

Now two pictures of me.
I've tried something different/new.
Guess what? :x




  1. looove your new layout!! ö_____ö so cute!
    you prefer playstation? no way! xbox ftw! :P

    1. hahah thank you. A very good and talented friend made it for me! *_*
      I'm too stupid to make one by myself xD"
      yes I do! I never had a xbox...but playstation ftw! xD