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Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

Precious Things in my Room & more~

haiiiii guys~!!

Holidays started and I'm almoste done with school for this year! 
My marks are good and I don't have to write an exam in the summer vacations...LUCKY! < 3

As I told you in the last entry, I want to show you some things/places in my room. 

To be honest my room isn't that special! It isn't full with japanese stuff or posters, figures and so on. 
I don't like it anymore to put 100 posters or uchiwas on my wall..I just have my most precious stuff on it.
(my cheki with ScReW from the meet & greet last year, my ScReW towel from the concert in Japan and my Gazette Uchiwa < 3 ) 

Enough talking!
First, if you didn't saw the entry with my whole room
--> my room

my precious concert tickets...they are together with all my jp magazines < 3
so many beautiful memories. only the kyary ticket is missing because we had to give it to the ticket guy in front of the hall ;^; 

 the one and only figure I have! xD"
Ciel Phantomhive. I've bought this little guy on my first trip to Paris!
A few years ago I guess..he's pretty cute with his annoyed face < 3 
Hm..if I would buy another figure it would be one of Ritsu Tainaka from K-On!
I love her < 3 
maybe I will find one in Japan :3 

 My most important mood safers! 
Without their music I wouldn't be the person I am now. 
The giant new Album from Gazette isn't's too huge! x_X

Other jp. cd's 
hahah An Cafe omg...I didn't listen to them since years!

 my beloved PS3 games..and some old PS2 games ;3;
hahah my Naruto collection is kinda nice...>8D

 kyary < 3 

A place where I put..EVERYTHING xD
glavil necklaces, pencils, my cute alpaca, sweets, ScReW mirror < 3
and my cute purikura book! :D gonna make many more puris the next summer!

 my make up stuff..It isn't that much.
No wonder. I'm not that kind of a girl who needs make up every single day :3
nothing against it! but I think my face is not that ugly that I need to hide it.
wait...don't put it that way!! Dx I don't say girls who puts on make up everyday are all ugly and want to hide it..! NO!
I just feel well even without make up in my face c_c
and I'm not a person who is very talented in this!
Sorry! Don't missunderstand me! ._."
I just have to shut up here, right? :D"

 here is what I use~ 
I'm a lazy girl..or a non-girli-girl 
shame on me... 

muahhaha~ food, medis, gameboy, uchiwa, little towel, books..
everything I need is beneath my bed < 3 


 and my Gazette Poster...8D

my Uchiwa...
There are many other posters and uchiwas in the bags...
but I don't want to put them on my wall ;3;
so they have to stay there and wait. 

 Okay look what I've found last week at C&A!! XD

 They are only for boys but fuck this shit!
I've bought them xD
HEY SEXY LADY hahhaha! I've laughed so hard when I've seen them !

 Look at this cutie!!
It's chibi me!
my bro nikyami draw this for me...and
I love it! (*____*) it's mucho kawaii!!! < 3
thank you so much haha ~

Finally I've reached 100followers on instagram!
It made me soooo happy ;3;

Oh and something else! xD
I'm watching Naruto SD since a while...and it's SO funny!!
I'm crying at each episode! X'D
It's so stupid !
So, I've watched another episode the last week and recognize something...

Guy was shaking his ass...with this outfit...
Do you know what I mean? What Naruto SD means???!

I guess kpop fans will recognize it in a minute xD
It's Kara!!
With their "Mister" PV! XD
I laughed so hard omg!! XDD

Enough for today!
Here is a picture :3



  1. You have a lot of cute stuff! And so much CDs *O*
    Did you all get them at concerts? Beacause I'm not really sure where to buy japanese CDs, since I want some from Alice Nine, LM.C and Koda Kumi... ^^

    The Kyary mameshiba is I think cutest thing ever xD

    1. thank you < 3 ehm I only bought a few cds and dvds at Tower Records when I was in Tokyo. But most of them are from
      You can get there cds, dvds, magazines and some clothes too :3

      hahah it may is the cutest thing hahaha xD

      thank you ^___^

  2. Such a nice room and you have a lot of cool stuff *__*

  3. oh gosh, you need to borrow me some of your mangas!
    You mentioned that you had a big collection but thats insane xD (do I recognize some death note mangas there or am I mistaken?)
    Your make-up collection is cute. aaand it doesn't matter how much make-up you own, but that you are happy with those products you have and that you use them (not like me buhuhu):3

    1. hahah if you want some ;D
      well...I only have two death note mangas xD"
      that's right! :3
      haha use all the stuff woman!! xD <3

  4. You have a lot of cute stuff sweetie *v* I love your little make up collection!

  5. I want all your makeup things!! So many things that are cute *O*

    1. ohh really?? I don't think that I have so many make up stuff xD"
      thank you ^_^