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Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Concerts in Japan // Dear my friend~//for domi ♡

haiiii guys~
Today's is going to be a random entry!!
Nothing special but there are things I wanted to tell you ^___^


1) Concerts in Japan!

As you may all know, I'm going back to Japan this summer fir almost a month! Can't wait for it!
the cute nikyami and the sweetie darkyberryish are coming with me this time < 3 it's going to be awesome with both of them! And I'm gonna meet some people there! I've met a few of them last year in Tokyo! Ahh looking forward to see them all again! < 3 But I'm also going to meet some new friends...! < 3 

Anyway~! I also plan to join some concerts while my stay in Japan! And it doesn't look that bad!
I've already the chance to see D=OUT, Aldious (HELL YEAH I COULD BE ABLE TO SEE RE:NO?!!!!) and I really have the chance to see ScReW again!!! ;3; They will have a concert in Saitama when I'm in Tokyo...I really want to see them..I'm stalking Rui-san's twitter since days for the ticket informations haha

My concert wishlist is; mejibray, lustknot, fear from the hate, one oke rock, born...well there are some more...I guess too much! Well, I'm not going to spend all my money on concerts! Of course not < 3

2) Please take a look~

A classmate created her own blog a while ago! Her english skills are sooo good..same goes for her german skills! She's writing about very interesting stuff! Especially fashion and inspirations all around the world! If you love fashion blogs, you will love her blog too! she's such a funny and nice girl!
But she's a bit sad because she doesn't have that much followers/readers right now..Please give her some motivation! :3
That's her blog~! She also likes japanese fashion! ;)
Wait..she doesn't like it...she's addicted to it! xD

3) for domi < 3 beloved and precious friend domi was always there for me, since years! She was/is my love and she never ever betrayed me! It's time to thanks her for all her help. I'm in love with Gazette, I have lot of Gazette stuff...and she's sooooo in love with them too. She really loves them, their music, everything. I don't need all of my beloved Gazette memories...I wanted to share them with her. SO! 

I could have make a "the GazettE giveaway"

I've made a video for her where I'm showing all her gets..
It's in german and it's a bit embarassing but it's made with love! <. < and it's for domi < 3
Sorry für mein krüppeliges Deutsch! (>/ \<)

I decided to give her all these stuff. 
there is also a ScReW flyer which I've got in Japan last year.
I'm pretty sure she will have more "fun" with the posters, magazines etc then I ever had.

Some of you may think "Wait..she gives away her beloved Gazette stuff?! She doesn't like the Gazette anymore?!"
I'm still in love with the GazettE, with their music and with the men.
But I don't need all the things and I know that I'm able to make domi very happy with these gets. 
So why not give them to her? She deserves it the most of all my friends (which are gazette fans)
I still have some magazines, posters etc. I always wanted to give her something special...and now I've got the chance and the perfect idea! < 3 

And I'm very happy that she's able to visit two concert of the GazettE on their World Tour 2013!
Rock for me schaaatz! < 3 


Samstag, 20. April 2013

LINEcamera // Outfits (picture spam~!) (✪㉨✪)

haiiii guys~!
Do you know the great app "LINEcamera"?
There are many apps with the name LINE as you may know. I've almost every app from LINE because they are pretty cute and funny! ^__^
You can edit your pictures with LINEcamera! There are some cool effects and stickers. You can also write something on the pictures..Well f**** the explanation! Here are my favorite LINEcam pictures :3

 my dog, Fable, is the biggest photobomb ever! (/w °;)
some stickers are perfect to hide some things!
(like my face hahah)

 you can make also dreamy, shiny and pretty pictures with linecamera :3

 well... I love making stupid pictures..

 aren't we cute?? xD

the following pictures are from today :3 

Now some Outfit pictures which I've edited with linecamera~

from today :3

feel free to write a comment about the pictures/outfits!
It would be great to hear some opinions! < 3

p.s I'm starting to use Bloglovin
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Freitag, 19. April 2013

Review EOS White Lens with Black Rim F-50

haiiii guys.
How are you doing?
I'm pretty fine and I'm doing my internship at the moment! I've got a nice workplace..and yeah..I'm working with old people..It's a bit strange for me because I prefer working with little children but well..I have to do this!

I'm gonna write a "review" about my EOS White Lens with Black Rim F-50 from loveshoppingholics.
I've always wanted some special lenses...I loved how adorable and cool some Jrocker looks when they are wearing white lenses..(No I'm not looking that fabulous but I love the look of the lenses!< 3)
This is my first "review" and to be honest...I'm not good at writing reviews...First I don't have a good camera to take professional pictures of my own eyes. I'm not going to send this review to the shop either! At least the pictures will show you how the lenses look, that's the most important part :)

Some informations!
Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.8mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

My package came after two weeks, cause I choose the cheaper service! 
Everything was fine as always with loveshoppingholics. 

 a nice, safe and cute package :3 
 as usually there were some free gifts < 3 
 Oh btw, I've ordered two pairs of white lenses~
(by accident hahah!)
here they are.
The lenses are looking very good!
The white colour is pretty but I wasn't sure if they will hide my brown/green eye colour...

As you can see, the white colour hides your real colour perfectly!
I was surprised how good they fit! I don't have any problems to put them in or out, they feel comfortable and I can wear them almost the whole day without a problem. The design is also very nice!

Design: ★★★★☆
I love the design of the lenses! I've always searched for them. The black rim let them look a bit nicer and give them another "special look".

Colour: ★★★★★
The colour is perfect. They are beautiful white and hide your natural colour the best.

I was afraid they would look more blue than white...As you can see on the pictures it seems that they are a bit blue but it's only because of the light..Don't worry! They are all WHITE :)

Enlargement: ★★★★☆
14.0mm. I like the size of the lenses. They aren't that big as most circle lenses are.

Natrualness: ☆☆☆☆☆
Well I have to give this rate...The lenses don't give a natural look! They shouldn't! If there would be a zombie apocalypse you would look all natural with them! 

Comfort: ★★★★★
As I said before, I'm able to wear them a whole day. My eyes don't hurt and it's easy to put them in and out! 
They are very comfortable to wear.

Hope I was able to help some of you to chose lenses for a special look or a cosplay ;)
I even walk with them around (don't give a single fuck at all the scary faces of the others haha)

P.s the lenses are perfect for Halloween! Can't wait for it!