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Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Concerts in Japan // Dear my friend~//for domi ♡

haiiii guys~
Today's is going to be a random entry!!
Nothing special but there are things I wanted to tell you ^___^


1) Concerts in Japan!

As you may all know, I'm going back to Japan this summer fir almost a month! Can't wait for it!
the cute nikyami and the sweetie darkyberryish are coming with me this time < 3 it's going to be awesome with both of them! And I'm gonna meet some people there! I've met a few of them last year in Tokyo! Ahh looking forward to see them all again! < 3 But I'm also going to meet some new friends...! < 3 

Anyway~! I also plan to join some concerts while my stay in Japan! And it doesn't look that bad!
I've already the chance to see D=OUT, Aldious (HELL YEAH I COULD BE ABLE TO SEE RE:NO?!!!!) and I really have the chance to see ScReW again!!! ;3; They will have a concert in Saitama when I'm in Tokyo...I really want to see them..I'm stalking Rui-san's twitter since days for the ticket informations haha

My concert wishlist is; mejibray, lustknot, fear from the hate, one oke rock, born...well there are some more...I guess too much! Well, I'm not going to spend all my money on concerts! Of course not < 3

2) Please take a look~

A classmate created her own blog a while ago! Her english skills are sooo good..same goes for her german skills! She's writing about very interesting stuff! Especially fashion and inspirations all around the world! If you love fashion blogs, you will love her blog too! she's such a funny and nice girl!
But she's a bit sad because she doesn't have that much followers/readers right now..Please give her some motivation! :3
That's her blog~! She also likes japanese fashion! ;)
Wait..she doesn't like it...she's addicted to it! xD

3) for domi < 3 beloved and precious friend domi was always there for me, since years! She was/is my love and she never ever betrayed me! It's time to thanks her for all her help. I'm in love with Gazette, I have lot of Gazette stuff...and she's sooooo in love with them too. She really loves them, their music, everything. I don't need all of my beloved Gazette memories...I wanted to share them with her. SO! 

I could have make a "the GazettE giveaway"

I've made a video for her where I'm showing all her gets..
It's in german and it's a bit embarassing but it's made with love! <. < and it's for domi < 3
Sorry für mein krüppeliges Deutsch! (>/ \<)

I decided to give her all these stuff. 
there is also a ScReW flyer which I've got in Japan last year.
I'm pretty sure she will have more "fun" with the posters, magazines etc then I ever had.

Some of you may think "Wait..she gives away her beloved Gazette stuff?! She doesn't like the Gazette anymore?!"
I'm still in love with the GazettE, with their music and with the men.
But I don't need all the things and I know that I'm able to make domi very happy with these gets. 
So why not give them to her? She deserves it the most of all my friends (which are gazette fans)
I still have some magazines, posters etc. I always wanted to give her something special...and now I've got the chance and the perfect idea! < 3 

And I'm very happy that she's able to visit two concert of the GazettE on their World Tour 2013!
Rock for me schaaatz! < 3 



  1. omg, this so sooo nice of you q___q didn't expect that you'd really do this! You made me really happy and I'm really greatful for your offer to help me out with my blog :3 You change my life girl! Firstly the whole gyaru thing and now my first japanese concert... wow :D

    PS: Be sure to take some pics of RE:No!!! :DD

    1. I said that I would do it!! <3
      Sounds crazy...I've changed your life haha xD your first japanese concert...will be awesome! 8D we will rock together~!

      p.s if I really gonna visit one of her concerts..of course! <3

  2. I am so thankful OMG I couldn't say it enough times.
    My english sucks, I don't care, I love you AND japanday will be AWESOME!

    1. Japanday will be A W E S O M E!
      so true! <3 I love you too <3

  3. Ab wann bist du denn in Tokyo?
    besonders..welches Screw Konzert hast du ins Auge gefasst?

    1. Ab dem 25ten Juli :3
      Hab das Konzert in Saitama im Auge, weil das am nähsten wäre.
      Ist am 28ten Juli.

  4. T_____T I want to see D=out too~~~ Kouki is like the most perfect being ever.

    1. ....Well...he's really handsome! <3
      but I don't know yet...My most important band is ScReW and I'm gonna wait until I have the ticket for their concert! >3<;
      ohh money hahha

  5. Your voice is soooo cute *_* ♥

    I would like to see Re:no too çOç I hope you'll have wonderful time during your travel ♥♥♥

    1. sankyuu a lot ((o(>w<)o)) <3

      yeah..It would be great to see Re:No...she's amazing! <3
      thank you very much my dear :) < 3

  6. Your are really lucky to go Japan. I want to go to and i think i really want to see D=OUT and Mejibray too.
    I'm a new follower of your blog and i love your posts.

    xo, Shiki

    1. Thank you so much!
      I'm very happy that you are following my blog! < 3

      Gonna take a look at yours too :3

  7. Aldious!!! *__* Ich will auch~

    Ich finds übrigens total süß, dass du die Sachen deiner Freundin schenkst um ihr eine Freude zu machen. Ich finde man kann auch eine Band lieben, ohne ganz viel Merch zu haben und wenn du sie damit happy machen kannst, ich finde das toll *__*

    1. Dankeschön ^__^
      Sehe ich auch so. Und da ich weiß wir irre sie auf Gazette steht und wie sehr sie sich darüber freut, gebe ich sie umso lieber weg :)

      Ausserdem erfüllen die Sachen bei ihr mehr Sinn, als bei mir in ner Tüte rumzustehen.

  8. Oh du bist niedlich xD Ich höre dich irgendwie gerne reden ~ Hört sich total stalker like an, aber ich glaube jeder fragt sich immer wie die Stimme eines Bloggers klingt dessen Blog man liest /D