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Samstag, 20. April 2013

LINEcamera // Outfits (picture spam~!) (✪㉨✪)

haiiii guys~!
Do you know the great app "LINEcamera"?
There are many apps with the name LINE as you may know. I've almost every app from LINE because they are pretty cute and funny! ^__^
You can edit your pictures with LINEcamera! There are some cool effects and stickers. You can also write something on the pictures..Well f**** the explanation! Here are my favorite LINEcam pictures :3

 my dog, Fable, is the biggest photobomb ever! (/w °;)
some stickers are perfect to hide some things!
(like my face hahah)

 you can make also dreamy, shiny and pretty pictures with linecamera :3

 well... I love making stupid pictures..

 aren't we cute?? xD

the following pictures are from today :3 

Now some Outfit pictures which I've edited with linecamera~

from today :3

feel free to write a comment about the pictures/outfits!
It would be great to hear some opinions! < 3

p.s I'm starting to use Bloglovin
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  1. Line camera is so cute *^^* and you look very cute as well. I like the 2nd outfit :D

  2. For sure it's nice to have some apps and stuff IF you have a smartphone ~haha Ich hab keins XD bin von Vorgestern ^^° Aber die bearbeiteten Bilder sind cute ^o^ besonders krass sieht das aus mit dem roten Kontaktlinsen *o* beautiful desu!!! und das beim Frisör~ haha
    Deine Outfits sind auch klasse! Besonders gefällt mir das von today^^ und das Glavil outfit aber auch die casual outfits sind süß (die meisten XD das oyasumi outfit zähle ich mal nicht mit XD)
    bye bye ^^

    1. ohhh..echt ?! :O nja schlimm finde ich es nicht, dass es Menschen gibt die diesem smartphone Wahn nicht verfallen sind..aber ist schon selten, respekt! :D awww dankeschön <3
      ja..das oyasumi outfit ist halt mein PennAufzug xDD aber danke trotzdem *^* <3

  3. Really cool app! <3 It's sad that I can not use apps with my phone, but it looks really nice~

    Oh I like your style! <3 It look girly and cute. but also sometimes rockish, which fits you very well. <333

    1. ohh that's sad! (>: <)

      Thank you sooooo much! *^* <3
      I like to change my style, from cute, girly, casual and rockish.
      I'm also glad to hear that the rockish style fits me ;_;
      sankyuu! <3

  4. I also have line camera and I love it ahahah! You look super cute in every picture *u*

    1. haha addicted to the line apps! xD
      thank you beauty <3

  5. Deine Klamotten sind immer so genial!!!

  6. Your pictures are all so well done !!!!! *^* I love your twin tails ,I think it suits you really very well OwO

    1. hahaha~!
      Thank you ^___^ I want to buy twintails from navana wig when we are in Tokyo! :D no extensions but ponytail wigs..MUHAHA that's the way <3

  7. cute and crazy picturs XD
    i like your clothes

  8. All of the outfits are great, i personally really like your skull top (or that is a dress?)^^
    Have a nice day*.*


    1. thank you!
      It's one of my favourites too!
      it's a huge Tshirt from GLAVIL <3 It's pretty long, so it may looks like a dress haha xD <3

  9. I love your style, your are very interesting and your blog is wonderful. Kisses from Spain.

    follow me and i follow back?