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Freitag, 31. Mai 2013

HITT Concert 2013/5/30 [Luxembourg]

haiiii guys~!
Yesterday was the HITT concert in Luxembourg!
It was the first concert of his European Tour this year.
The concert was great!! *^* Let me start with my outfit!

First of all! I've bought myself a wig at the fabulous online shop "Lockshop"!! I'm gonna make a review in the next days! :3

my outfit isn't special at all! But I wanted something cute and comfortable :3 
and I had loooooong shiny hair *-* 

My sister decided to drive me to the RockBox where the concert took place. 
Very nice! :D I arrived just in time at 8PM ;3; Well...the concert didn't start as they said -_-
Anyway as usual I didn't expect many people there..BUT I was pretty shocked how few people were there!
Around 15...maybe? POOR hitto ;___;

I've bought myself one of his singles "For Myself" and made some pictures with Jessica, my classmate! :D 
GOD she wore here wig too! It looked sooooo good on her!! OMG! *^* 
Here we are! Bad quality because it was so dark inside~
She's the cute blondie ;D 

Now let me start with the most important part! 
HITT came out and girls...He is so damn HOT and BEAUTIFUL!
I've watched some live videos from him BUT in real...he's much prettier!
and his voice is unbelievable pretty too! I prefer his voice live than on the cd's.
He's a very good artist and entertainer! < 3

He talked with us in Japanese, English and French..yeah...French xD
He made some jokes AND flirted like hell..WITH ME!
Judith (a girl I've first met at the Orochi concert) said to me while a song "OMG, He wants you! He's starring at you with such a cute flirty smile!! Did you see it??!! OMG GO! Flirt!" 
hahaha and she was right...He really gave me some hardcore flirty faces hahaha < 3

The concert was pretty nice BUT he made soooo many paraparas...and I'm sooo bad in paraparas...8D
One of the fans in the middle tried as hard as she could to follow his moves..SUDDENLY! He went to her, gave her his hand and took her on stage! (OAO)
He showed her the parapara and she went back down haha so cute! I thought that was it..Cute Boy HITT BUT he went to the right side of the stage and took another girl with him on stage and showed her the parapara too!
My brain was working SO hard at that moment! "He went to the the right side...He will come to our side too...I'm 99% sure!"
Judith was like "No way..I'm not going on stage ><"
And he came!! xD
He came right in front of me, looked at us, looked at me, smiled, I smiled back, he took my hand and there I was! On stage with hitto! *__*
He took my arms and tried to teach me the parapara can't concentrate when THIS pretty guy is standing in front of just can't!
All I do was smiling and laughing about my own stupid brain. He smiled back, gave me a big hug and I went back to my place :x

Oh while a jumping move of HITT...his poor pants were torn!
only on the knees but poor HITT. He was so shocked and sad about it, so cute! < 3 
Oh, flirty guy~
"You are Hitters now...Hitters are my friends! And my Lovers, so you are very lucky ;D" 
rawwwr, of course! xD

He even asked us if we would like to go to Japan. 
And why.
Asked us about good food here in Luxembourg and...genius guys were screaming MCDONALDs
He just said; Oh yeah! I like ビッグマック!" 
awww < 3 xD

The concert came to it's end, he gave everyone his hand and went backstage.
after the encore (of course! xD)

At first I didn't plan to buy his shirt..but he wore it for the enore...and I was like...OKAY it looks good!
So I went back to the merch and bought a shirt 8D 
AND for 5 euro you could make a signed checki with him! < 3 
Sweet mother yes!
While Hitt was making himself more beautiful backstage, we took some pictures :3
The girl next to me is Judith! :D she's so funny and nice! 
So glad there are girls like her in Luxembourg ;3;

The moment for the checki came!
HITT came back!
Judith was in front of me and when I was next she screamed at me "GO ANIA! ;DDDD Good luck!"
Well, HITT was very nice and signed at everything! 
The single and the checki. He also poke me 3 times on my shirt. Of course because it's the one from his Tour 8D

But here is my checki...I guess everyone would look horrible next to such a pretty guy~ 
looking fat and ugly hahah

Anyway..When he finished the signed session, he went down of the stage next to me, Judith gave me a "special" look...I looked back to HITT and he gave me a wink with a smile...Ohhh I had so many doki doki feelings yesterday c.c 

That was the great Hitt concert! 
I'm glad I had the chance to see him live. I've missed him 2011 when he was already in Luxembourg. 
And I would love to see another concert of him!

Here is my merch :3 
-Shirt (which looks good in my opinion!)
-Checki < 3 

Picture after the concert :3
I've changed my top before the signing session < 3 

And now some random pictures ~
 sitting in the car, the weather was great too! < 3 

 happy with my checki which is on the wall next to the one with ScReW 

Here my favorite song < 3


Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013 page~

haiiii guys. 
This is my shortest entry ever!!

I've made a new page, some of you may know it.
It's a page where random people or friends can ask questions and the user have to answer them (or not haha)

If you want to ask me something, please visit my page! It's perfect for boring days!

And if you have an own account on, please tell me your username! :)


Montag, 27. Mai 2013

Q&A time~!!

haiiii guys~!
It's time to get your answers!
First I wanna thank all the lovely readers which asked me something!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm very glad that some of you were interested in this little idea!

Here are the questions! I hope that I've answered nicely to each of your questions! :3

Eva C.
I see you wear gyaru make up and have gyaru models in your header :)
Do you like gyaru?
Yeah, I kinda like this way of fashion! Especially gyarus wearing, glavil or co&lu. I prefer the “cool” way of gyaru fashion, not the shiny or cute one (LizLisa or M*ars)

and how did you get into it? 
First I’ve only seen some unknown models on the internet. I also read sometimes the word “gyaru” but it didn’t really take my attention. My ex-best friend started to get into this scene and showed me pictures, brands and so on..Well she showed me what gyaru is. I took my chance and bought some clothes of typical gyaru brand in Japan last year. (Glavil, GladNews and CO&LU) I also start buying the egg magazine. I’ve tried the make-up but I’m not good at it haha!
But I don’t call myself a gyaru anyway :)

what are you favourite models?
Kanako Kawabata
Kabori Minato

and do you have a tumblr?
of course! :3

->Weißt du schon was du nach der Schule machen willst? Und falls ja, was ist es und wieso genau das? 
-> Do you already know what you are going to do after school? If so, what and why?

Ich bin in der Ausbildung zur Erzieherin. Ich möchte gerne als Erzieherin arbeiten, weil mir die Arbeit mit Kindern sehr viel Freude bereitet und ich neue Generationen auf den richtigen Weg führen möchte.
I want to become an educator because I love working with little children and I want to help them to find a good way to start their lives. I want to help new generations to grow up.

->Wie bist du überhaupt zum Bloggen gekommen und hattest du vor diesem schonmal einen Blog?
-> How did you come to blog and did you already have another blog before this one?

Ich habe im Jahr 2010 damit angefangen da manche Freunde ebenfalls einen hatten. Ich fand das ne tolle Sache und habe auch einen gemacht. Dies ist mein erster und einziger aktive Blog.
I’ve started this blog in 2010 because some of my friends also had one.
I thought it’s a nice thing so I’ve got one too! :3 This one is the only active blog I’m using.

->Welches sind deine 3-5 Lieblings-blogs?
->Which 3-5 blogs are you favorites?

What's your top 5 fav cities in da world, and why?
Well…I didn’t see every city in this world but! As far as I can tell…I like;
-Tokyo, the way of fashion, the culture, the colourful and loud streets but also the traditional way.
-Düsseldorf, I only visited this city twice but I think it’s a nice city, especially the Japanese street and shops. As the Japanese kindergarten and the garden.
-Spain, I don’t remember the name of the city..but I went many times with my family on holidays there, always in the same city and it was soooo nice there. Beautiful landscape, the ocean and hot weather.
-Luxembourg, I’m from this country so I have to say this haha. No but there is also a tiny pretty part of my capital city. We have frozen yogurt, bagels and a Asian fashion shop there. Somehow…haha

Pug Crush
If you could only use one make-up item for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? 
Omfg…that’s quite hard to decide…
I would choose my liquid eyeliner. You can use the eyeliner in some different ways and it makes your eyey simply beautiful :3

If aliens would take over the world and you could only save 3 items from getting destroyed: Which items would you save?
-Bunny (I know it’s not an item..but I need my bunny!! D: )


-Who's your role model?
I don’t really have a true role model…but I would take kyary pamyu pamyu as a role model..
-Which style do you prefer gyaru or ulzzang? 
I like both..that’s hard to decide..
But I think I like the ulzzang fashion a bit more because it’s way easier than gyaru.
And you don’t need to use that much of make-up to look pretty and cute! But I’m neither ulzzang nor gyaru haha
-What's your favorite food?
Ohhhh so hard…Pizza/Lasagna/Rice&Curry!
-you're favorite song at the moment?
A Brutal Fact from Lustknot
-How would you describe yourself in 1 sentence?
I’m a fan of the Japanese music, culture and fashion, a very cheerful person who loves to laugh but also be able to act serious and help others.

So far!! 
Thank you so much for the interesting questions!
Hope you still like my blog and feel free to ask questions, write comments or tell me your ideas of a new entry! ;)


Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Japanday 2013

haiiii guys~!!
How are you doing?

The Japanday was amazing! First the weather looked pretty good! It was warm and without any wind or cloud BUT later it became rainy and was horrible! sooo cold :x
I didn't really care about it because I was able to meet my beloved domi < 3

My classmate Jessica, her boyfriend and myself arrived quite early in Düsseldorf. About 10AM with the car. Domi would arrive around 12 o'clock. We went to the main station and hell..while walking there we've seen already many cosplayers and JapanFans. Some of them looked pretty good in their cosplay! 

At 12 o'clock we were waiting for domi and her friends to arrive...It took soooo long ;3;
Suddenly I've heard something behind my back..I've turned around and she run into my arms ;____________; I was so fu**** perplexed at this moment...! I was just like "OMG! She's here! OMG is this domi?!!! OMG" dokidoki feelings you know? I was very happy to meet her :3
Her group/friends were looking sooooo fabulous..I felt like a little duck between swans hahah

My classmate and her boyfriend left us and I spent the whole day with domi and her amazing friends. They are SO funny and each of them is a honest person. I enjoyed my day in Düsseldorf completely! 

We went to the field next to the Rhein. Oh hell...SO MANY people!! 
I've took this picture at the beginning when not that much people were around...

We sat down in the grass and relaxed, made some jokes. It was very funny..I've laughed so much while those few hours! 

Oh...I didn't buy anything..and I didn't took any pictures of Cosplayers...I don't really know why I didn't spend some money there...I mean....they had wigs, Alpacas..and some other cute stuff! But I totally wasn't in the mood to buy things. I had my domi by my side..All I need was right next to me < 3 

OMG! One of domis precious friends is Yazoo. Maybe some of you gus knows her! She seems to be pretty famous in the cosplay scene every single step we took some cute fangirls came across and screamed "OMG?!! Is it her??? Is it Yazoo?! OMG I want a picture with her KYAHHH" 
thahah, the hard lifestyle of a star muaha 8D but she's a really great person as much as I've seen yesterday!

As I said on the top..the weather become pretty worse! The worst thing was the rain which started falling when the firework began!! Perfect timing, isn't it?? The firwork was amazing. They had some special ones, sometimes you saw a cat, some kanji/katakana/hiragana or a sakura! It was very beautiful! 
Such a great moment together with domi < 3 wahhh...

After the firework I had to say goodbye to domi and her friends to meet Jessica again. It was horrible ._.
I'm already missing her! ;A ; we have to meet again! Somewhere, somehow!

Here are some pictures of me and my other half < 3

 First an awesome mirror picture with
Yazoo (famous Cosplayer! ), domi, me and a friend of them Steffi.

 where is the camera? There it is! :D

" Don't you dare calling us ugly biiiiatch?!! "

I'm still so happy! I've met my little beauty!
Finally we were able to talk face to face, to cuddle, to laugh together and to make stupid pictures! haha


Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

Off to the JAPANDAY // Went to the Hairdresser~

haiiii guys~!!
Thank you so much for asking me questions in the comment box!! :D 

I'm so happy you guys like the idea and help me! I'll answer the questions after my entry about Düsseldorf. 
Stay tuned! Gonna answer each question! Oh! If you didn't wirte one can still do it! ;)

Something great is going to happen tomorrow!!
It's the JAPANDAY in Düsseldorf! Some of you may know that it's a huge event.
I'm not there to buy some japanese stuff (only if I really find something cute by chance hahha) BUT I'm gonna see my lovely domi there < 3 as I mentioned a few entries before!

can't wait to see her!!!

My outfit is going to be this;
It's going to be a rainy cold day...BUT I DON'T CARE! ;3;
I want to look cute/cool whatever...!

I mean...Snow in June?!!

As you may can see I've changed my hair a bit! :D 

I went to my favorite hairdresser today~ < 3 
my mother made a surprise and invited me

My plan was to change my haircolour into a darker one again.
I liked the light colour a lot but...I need something "new".
And here is the result!!
The cut is quite the same as a few months ago..SHORT! xD

btw my outfit today ~
 bored, stupid picture~

awwww the best navana wig fits again!! (; A ;) !!!!
the colours are quite the same FINALLY back again< 3

ohhh anyway (love this word) I'm gonna buy myself a wig :3 

No more time to write some stuff!
Need to prepare things for tomorrow's travel! 

My journey to Düsseldorf will start at 5AM!

Good Night guys!
See you on Sunday~! <  3

I hope to see some of you there tomorrow ;) 


Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

This and that~(●´ω`●)ゞ

haaaaii guys~!
How are you doing??
I'm pretty bored right now so I'm gonna update my blog! Great idea isn't it? :D
Well...I'm not really that bored...but anyway, this is going to be a random entry!
With pictures, videos and songs!
Oh language exams will start in two weeks...I'm a bit excited! I have an examn in english and german! My english isn't perfect or very good but it should be fine..I guess...8D"

I'll start with a new experience! MY VERY FIRST AND OWN GIF!!!
Yeah, I'm a little baka in computer or pictured editing things! (glad to have insta, it's like a wonder for me!)
By chance I've got a new blogreader. the cute mindy-chan (^__^) I took a look at her blog and it's a very cute and interesting one! The latest entry is about a photo editing tutorial...
Here is the link!

Thanks to her...I've found out how to make my own cute gifs!! :D THANKS A LOT!

Here is my first gif!
kawaii neko chan!?

be prepared for random instagram pictures!! 8D

 as you can see, I've tried a new make up d(-w-)

 my cute bro nikyami and me :D
We went on a nice picnic with some other guys.
and bought usamimis at C&A for 3 euro !*_*

 Ahhhh here is a picture of the picnic :D I've censored the other guys xD

 after the dinner with my japanese class! Gonna blog about the dinner and the coming diploma soon! :3

 well nothing to say..xD
 ohhh damn! I'm so happy I'm able to make this cute hairstyle with my short hair! ._.

Enough pictures :3
Some videos I would like to share < 3
She is just sooo cute and will be forever cute!
I love the latest song! :3 

I guess most of you don't know these ladies.
I love their music and lyrics!
Especially this one. Listen to it carefully ;)

Oh how much I love lustknot < 3

love this song < 3 
and the lyrics..

< 3 

It's time for some serious stuff! :)
I came up with an idea for a personal entry...
It only works if you guys will work with me! :3
The idea is, you can ask me about 5-10 questions. You can ask me whatever you want (if the question is TOO personal I'm not gonna answer but I quess there won't be one like this ;) )
I'll answer to your questions in a new blog entry as good as I can! 
If there are things you want to know about me, my life or whatever, please ask me! 

Write me a comment with some questions below this entry! 
I hope you like the idea. I really want to make a personal entry and to communicate with my readers! :3

To be honest, I'm a bit afraid that noone will ask something! If that happens, I'm not going to make such an entry. For sure! haha It's just an idea which only works with your help and support!