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Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

Calmando Qual Concert 2013/5/10 [Luxembourg]

haiiiii guys~!!!!
Ohhhhhw I am so happy~
Here is a tiny report of the Calmando Qual concert which took place at Rockbox here in Luxembourg!
It's a tiny club...and the stage is very tiny too! Sadly there weren't many people...only around 20 maybe? But it was a great concert~! The band gave 110%! Hibiki is such a cool guy...8D I like his voice and dance moves..xD

Well, let me start!

I went to my bro's place on friday and we made ourselves pretty for the concert~ < 3
Our outfits for the show~!
I've borrowed nikyami my GladNews top because she hadn't any idea of an outfit. I helped her out and she was so happy with the top! xD Guess I've found a shop in Tokyo which she's going to love~ 8D

 "Gonna eat you!!" >8D
awww a cute rare~! xD

We've met our group on facebook "Okina Yume" in the capital city and a classmate of mine joined us too! ^_^
We took the bus together to the concert place. shock!!
Just a few people were there...poor band :/ 
But it seems they liked it...phew~

we weren't allowed to take pictures while the concert but they promised we could make one with the band afterwards at the autograph session! < 3 
We were so happy haha!
Oh it was the first japanese concert for my classmate jessica.
She was pretty excited! It was so cute!
before the concert...crayz idiots! 8D 
nikyami, me, jessica  < 3
hahaha Oh first shock for jessica...Hibiki went on the stage next to her, not like the other members (they took another way) and she didn't recognize him first xD poor Hibiki haha

here are som pictures of the location...pssscht 8D
 the merch~
Ohh the stuff had a cute alpaca with a hat! ;3; 

 Here is the tiny stage..TADAAAA~
 We were on the side of the stage...I don't know..but I like that place xD"
the band gave only us some attention sometimes...and if you are the only 3 guys standing can be sure the member gave you the whole attention! x] 
Oh and we didn't go too near at the stage because I think the band want some space when they are playing (even at such a tiny stage or especially~...) You see? We let some distance between us and the stage 8D Good girls~

aww can you see Hibiki? :)
Sometimes he is just creepy...VERY CREEPY but at least he's a nice/cool guys I guess < 3
and maya is so cute >3<

Drummer & usual xD 

They have played about 14 songs, made an Encore of 3 more songs.
They are very good live and if you have the chance to see them, GO!
Oh and btw..Hibiki was dancing, jumping, and singing the whole time...and his voice was still perfect! xD Omg  < 3

After the encore they disappeared for a while.
perfect chance to put some new make up on your face for the autograph session
jessica and I went to the toilet.
Well...the men and women toilet are in the same room..but separated by a know what I mean? xD Well, jessica and I were in font of the mirror when suddenly Hibiki came in...We turned around, saw him and he looked at us with a big smile and made \m/ and went to the men toilet.
We were like..."ehhhh...Hi?" xD 

After we took some pictures with the Group :3 
 They are all nice~
Triple Brofist! xD

OH btw, Tak threw one of his plectrums to jessica, so lucky!

Then the big moment came~!! < 3 
autograph seesion! < 3 
I've bought the album "Black Sheep" 'cause I really liked the sound of their music!
First we took the picture~ < 3
Here is my picture with Calmando Qual! :D 
Hibiki wore also white lenses while the concert, as he saw mine he was like "Hell yeah!" He was happy and gave me a wink x) lucky~
I've seen on the other fans and their autographs that maya gave persons who don't have a CD or something else to sign, he gives a drumstick with his sign..I was like "DAMN! WHY DID YOU BOUGHT THE ALBUM ;3; "
After he signed my Album...he looked at me, smiled and gave me also a signed drumstick *_* 
HAPPY ~!  
Everyone was so gentle, gave hands etc :D 
Hibiki gave some fans a hug..but NOT me :x

I stood in front of him, waiting for my CD (which Kenka still had) when suddenly Hibiki poked me with his pencil in my arm. I was like "えええ..なにこれ?"
I took my drumstick and poked him back in the arm o.o"
He started laughing and said "okay..okay~!" Seems that I've make him happy...somehow 

We had so much fun! I'm glad I've seen this band live..

 holding drumsticks with proud! 
 and beeing stupid~

here are my memories/gets < 3 



  1. aaah it was such a great concert :D The band was reaaally nice!

    1. so true <3
      can't wait for the next concert! :D

  2. AWESOME!! I love such tiny and familiar concerts <3

    1. I love them too.
      They are somehow better than concerts with very famous bands..there will always be a biiiiig distance ._.

  3. I'm happy you had great time at the concert *_* the show seemed awesome ♥♥♥

  4. Seems like a lovely day/evening ♥ I rarely go to concerts...should totally change that :)

    1. yeah you should!
      I'm never disappointed from japanese concerts ;)