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Freitag, 31. Mai 2013

HITT Concert 2013/5/30 [Luxembourg]

haiiii guys~!
Yesterday was the HITT concert in Luxembourg!
It was the first concert of his European Tour this year.
The concert was great!! *^* Let me start with my outfit!

First of all! I've bought myself a wig at the fabulous online shop "Lockshop"!! I'm gonna make a review in the next days! :3

my outfit isn't special at all! But I wanted something cute and comfortable :3 
and I had loooooong shiny hair *-* 

My sister decided to drive me to the RockBox where the concert took place. 
Very nice! :D I arrived just in time at 8PM ;3; Well...the concert didn't start as they said -_-
Anyway as usual I didn't expect many people there..BUT I was pretty shocked how few people were there!
Around 15...maybe? POOR hitto ;___;

I've bought myself one of his singles "For Myself" and made some pictures with Jessica, my classmate! :D 
GOD she wore here wig too! It looked sooooo good on her!! OMG! *^* 
Here we are! Bad quality because it was so dark inside~
She's the cute blondie ;D 

Now let me start with the most important part! 
HITT came out and girls...He is so damn HOT and BEAUTIFUL!
I've watched some live videos from him BUT in real...he's much prettier!
and his voice is unbelievable pretty too! I prefer his voice live than on the cd's.
He's a very good artist and entertainer! < 3

He talked with us in Japanese, English and French..yeah...French xD
He made some jokes AND flirted like hell..WITH ME!
Judith (a girl I've first met at the Orochi concert) said to me while a song "OMG, He wants you! He's starring at you with such a cute flirty smile!! Did you see it??!! OMG GO! Flirt!" 
hahaha and she was right...He really gave me some hardcore flirty faces hahaha < 3

The concert was pretty nice BUT he made soooo many paraparas...and I'm sooo bad in paraparas...8D
One of the fans in the middle tried as hard as she could to follow his moves..SUDDENLY! He went to her, gave her his hand and took her on stage! (OAO)
He showed her the parapara and she went back down haha so cute! I thought that was it..Cute Boy HITT BUT he went to the right side of the stage and took another girl with him on stage and showed her the parapara too!
My brain was working SO hard at that moment! "He went to the the right side...He will come to our side too...I'm 99% sure!"
Judith was like "No way..I'm not going on stage ><"
And he came!! xD
He came right in front of me, looked at us, looked at me, smiled, I smiled back, he took my hand and there I was! On stage with hitto! *__*
He took my arms and tried to teach me the parapara can't concentrate when THIS pretty guy is standing in front of just can't!
All I do was smiling and laughing about my own stupid brain. He smiled back, gave me a big hug and I went back to my place :x

Oh while a jumping move of HITT...his poor pants were torn!
only on the knees but poor HITT. He was so shocked and sad about it, so cute! < 3 
Oh, flirty guy~
"You are Hitters now...Hitters are my friends! And my Lovers, so you are very lucky ;D" 
rawwwr, of course! xD

He even asked us if we would like to go to Japan. 
And why.
Asked us about good food here in Luxembourg and...genius guys were screaming MCDONALDs
He just said; Oh yeah! I like ビッグマック!" 
awww < 3 xD

The concert came to it's end, he gave everyone his hand and went backstage.
after the encore (of course! xD)

At first I didn't plan to buy his shirt..but he wore it for the enore...and I was like...OKAY it looks good!
So I went back to the merch and bought a shirt 8D 
AND for 5 euro you could make a signed checki with him! < 3 
Sweet mother yes!
While Hitt was making himself more beautiful backstage, we took some pictures :3
The girl next to me is Judith! :D she's so funny and nice! 
So glad there are girls like her in Luxembourg ;3;

The moment for the checki came!
HITT came back!
Judith was in front of me and when I was next she screamed at me "GO ANIA! ;DDDD Good luck!"
Well, HITT was very nice and signed at everything! 
The single and the checki. He also poke me 3 times on my shirt. Of course because it's the one from his Tour 8D

But here is my checki...I guess everyone would look horrible next to such a pretty guy~ 
looking fat and ugly hahah

Anyway..When he finished the signed session, he went down of the stage next to me, Judith gave me a "special" look...I looked back to HITT and he gave me a wink with a smile...Ohhh I had so many doki doki feelings yesterday c.c 

That was the great Hitt concert! 
I'm glad I had the chance to see him live. I've missed him 2011 when he was already in Luxembourg. 
And I would love to see another concert of him!

Here is my merch :3 
-Shirt (which looks good in my opinion!)
-Checki < 3 

Picture after the concert :3
I've changed my top before the signing session < 3 

And now some random pictures ~
 sitting in the car, the weather was great too! < 3 

 happy with my checki which is on the wall next to the one with ScReW 

Here my favorite song < 3



  1. Wow, this sound cool! You are very lucky. ;33
    And beautiful too. ^^'
    Oh, and sorry my horrible english. :DD


    1. thank you very much!! (>^__^<)
      I did understand every single word so it's fine! :D

  2. I guess he could have worn a trashbag and would have looked sexy as hell in it! xD
    It was such a nice evening. Hope he will come back for a concert :) then you can take your chance... and you know ;) muahaha

    1. So true!! He's just...a beauty haha
      I can't wait for the next concert! Hope you are there again too! ;D <3
      and yeah...if he comes back..I'll take my chance hahaha xD

  3. Oh Gott!!! *__* Freut mich voll, dass das Konzert so extrem genial war!!!
    Ich würde auch so gern auf eines der Konzerte, aber Dir en grey fressen gerade mein ganzes Geld. T___T Hoffentlich kommt HITT nochmal, ich will ihn doch so gern mal live sehen. ;___;

    1. Es war wirklich toll ^_^
      Ich weiß nicht ob er auf jedem Konzert so entspannt ist und mit seinen Hitters ne Unterhaltung führt. Aber es war echt toll! :D so...persönlich hahah
      Uhhhhw...das glaub ich gerne..Dir En Grey ist in der Nahrungskette ja auch etwas höher als'n bisschen höher xD
      Ich denke er wird nochmal wiederkommen :)
      Hat er auf erwähnt gehabt nach dem Konzert.

  4. Thnak you for this post, HITT looks really a nice guy^^ I hope he will come to my country some day as well^^ And you are really lucky, I like your outfit too, it looks comfortable and cute for a concert^^

    Have a nice day~

    1. Thank you! ^__^
      I hope so too! He made a very good show! His voice live is also amazing! :D
      Yeah, sometimes all you need is a comfortable outfit 8D <3

      sankyuu! :D

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    Thank you, have a nice day ~