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Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Japanday 2013

haiiii guys~!!
How are you doing?

The Japanday was amazing! First the weather looked pretty good! It was warm and without any wind or cloud BUT later it became rainy and was horrible! sooo cold :x
I didn't really care about it because I was able to meet my beloved domi < 3

My classmate Jessica, her boyfriend and myself arrived quite early in Düsseldorf. About 10AM with the car. Domi would arrive around 12 o'clock. We went to the main station and hell..while walking there we've seen already many cosplayers and JapanFans. Some of them looked pretty good in their cosplay! 

At 12 o'clock we were waiting for domi and her friends to arrive...It took soooo long ;3;
Suddenly I've heard something behind my back..I've turned around and she run into my arms ;____________; I was so fu**** perplexed at this moment...! I was just like "OMG! She's here! OMG is this domi?!!! OMG" dokidoki feelings you know? I was very happy to meet her :3
Her group/friends were looking sooooo fabulous..I felt like a little duck between swans hahah

My classmate and her boyfriend left us and I spent the whole day with domi and her amazing friends. They are SO funny and each of them is a honest person. I enjoyed my day in Düsseldorf completely! 

We went to the field next to the Rhein. Oh hell...SO MANY people!! 
I've took this picture at the beginning when not that much people were around...

We sat down in the grass and relaxed, made some jokes. It was very funny..I've laughed so much while those few hours! 

Oh...I didn't buy anything..and I didn't took any pictures of Cosplayers...I don't really know why I didn't spend some money there...I mean....they had wigs, Alpacas..and some other cute stuff! But I totally wasn't in the mood to buy things. I had my domi by my side..All I need was right next to me < 3 

OMG! One of domis precious friends is Yazoo. Maybe some of you gus knows her! She seems to be pretty famous in the cosplay scene every single step we took some cute fangirls came across and screamed "OMG?!! Is it her??? Is it Yazoo?! OMG I want a picture with her KYAHHH" 
thahah, the hard lifestyle of a star muaha 8D but she's a really great person as much as I've seen yesterday!

As I said on the top..the weather become pretty worse! The worst thing was the rain which started falling when the firework began!! Perfect timing, isn't it?? The firwork was amazing. They had some special ones, sometimes you saw a cat, some kanji/katakana/hiragana or a sakura! It was very beautiful! 
Such a great moment together with domi < 3 wahhh...

After the firework I had to say goodbye to domi and her friends to meet Jessica again. It was horrible ._.
I'm already missing her! ;A ; we have to meet again! Somewhere, somehow!

Here are some pictures of me and my other half < 3

 First an awesome mirror picture with
Yazoo (famous Cosplayer! ), domi, me and a friend of them Steffi.

 where is the camera? There it is! :D

" Don't you dare calling us ugly biiiiatch?!! "

I'm still so happy! I've met my little beauty!
Finally we were able to talk face to face, to cuddle, to laugh together and to make stupid pictures! haha



  1. Ha ha sieht ja nach einer Menge Spaß aus. ^^

  2. omg I love this blog! and you're sooo cute! <3

    1. ohhhw thank you so much! ;3;
      means a lot to me reading that <3

  3. you and your friend are so damn adorable *_* ♥ I hope you had great time also if the weather was really bad çOç

    1. thank you *3* <3
      yeah we had a lot of fun! even the weather wasn't able to destroy us! >8D