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Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

School Project, Remake of an artwork!

haiiii guys~!
As the title tells you, this entry is about a tiny school project for my art lesson!
Our teacher had the idea to make a remake of an old artwork!
We have to work in groups of 2 persons! This time I was very  happy with my tiny group! haha
I knew my partner (Sandra) for 2 years now but we become closer friends this year of school.
She's a photographer in her freetime and so it was perfect to build a team with her.
The idea was to make a remake of a drawing or another old artwork. One person should be the model (me) and the other one is the photographer (Sandra) but the other person could also be a model. It depends on the group :)

It took us 5 minutes to create an idea! ASIA! xD
We wanted to take an old japanese woodcut of an Geisha or Maiko.
Our teacher was like "Wow...never thought such an idea would come up to some of you guys! :O"

We chose this picture for our remake.

It's from Hasegawa Sadanobu.
It's called "Maiko in Autumn"
Sandra was like "You look asian! It will be perfect! Let's take it"
Alright~ First problem was to get a kimono or something that looks like one...
After two weeks of doing nothing...8D" Sandra got one from her boss (of the internship) yeeay~

The location was quickly found, let's go!

We went to a park (it was kinda embarassing) Sandra took a big lamp with her to the park and I was dressed like I would serve some tea!
But I'm used to it. I mean...people often stare at me because of my circle lenses, my clothes or whatever. I'm fine and always laughing about their facial expressions :3
It's kinda fun!

Anyway! We went to the park!
Here are some private pictures! ;)

Thanks to my mother my very short hair didn't look like a ultimate mess! < 3

Well..the dress is for carnival but I'm not rich enough at the moment to buy myself a real kimono (only for one school project..) Hope it looks fine? :)

Some pictures of the shooting;

It was the first time for me to try make up like this...I like it! :D
We had so much fun xD

Only sad or bad thing that day was the weather!
The wind was pretty strong and my circle lenses DON'T like the f**** wind! ._.

Insta pictures :)
if you want to follow me, pls check for "rukipe" < 3

And here is our result of the shooting!
Our remake of "Maiko in Autumn"
It's not perfect, but we've tried our best! Hope you like it too..? ( )>3<( )



  1. That kimono looks so cute on you ^^

  2. Ich finde das Bild was ihr ausgesucht habt, echt wunderschön. *___* Ist euch echt gelungen, das mit 'einfachen' Mitteln nach zustellen.

    1. Vielen Dank! *__*
      Freut mich zu hören, dass uns das Bild dann doch etwas gelungen ist :D

  3. I love your kimono. *w*

    xo, Shiki