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Freitag, 3. Mai 2013

Shopping day in Trier~! // SCREW!!♥

haiiii guys~!
I'm always free from my internship on fridays so my mother had the idea to have a trip to Trier~!
A tiny shopping heaven < 3

We enjoyed the whole day in Trier and I've bought so many things!! x___X
Some of my clothes bought my mother for me (of course!!) We don't go out for shopping that often so...I've took my chance and got so many nice clothes d(^____^)

So here is what I've bought today! :3

 It was time to get my own huge suitcase!
Now I'm ready for my next Japan trip! < 3 

I'm in love with my new clothes *^*

Now the news of the week....!!

Maybe you remember one of my entries a few days ago where I've write about the SCREW concert in
さいたま(Saitama) this summer...


I've cried a little... c___c
I was so damn happy !! 
Gonna see SCREW again this summer *____*
well..I hope to get another ticket for alice-chan ;3; 
I didn't have enough money for 3 I've bought one for nikyami and myself ._.
But I'm glad that alice-chan is so mature at this point < 3
She doesn't have a problem with this situation, she's just happy that I'm able to see them again ;^; 
CUTIE LVL 100000!



  1. So many lovely things *u* and congrats for the ticket ♥♥ I'm sure the live will be amazing!

    1. Thank you! ^____^
      I'm pretty sure about it too <3

  2. I really like that star shirt^^ so many lovely things:) I hope you have fun in that consert^^

    1. I nominated you for Liesbter award! ^^ If you have some time and haven't done it yet please check it! :) Have a nice day!! ^ ^

  3. the clothes you bought look really nice! especially the Vamp shirt :) Now I'm really in the mood to go shopping as well :3

    1. do it...take all your money...and go! 8D
      hahah naaa, I still want to go to a primark! >3<

  4. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinen Tickets. *__*

    Wow, da hast du echt einige, tolle Sachen ergattert. <33 Ich muss auch mal wieder Kleidung shoppen, irgendwie hab ich nur Sachen für den Winter und jetzt sind die schon zu warm. V__V

    1. Danke *____*

      Haha ja war bei mir ähnlich...So richtig sommerliche und erfrischende Kleidung hatte ich nicht mehr...Da mussten neue her! :D
      So ein Shopping Tag muss einfach mal sein <3