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Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

Some friendships..~

haiiii guys,

Do you have a friend who's always there?
A friend with the same interests, the same sense of humor?
A friend who understands you even without a single word??
Only by looking into your face??
Can you cry beside your friend?
Can you laugh with him like crazy idiots??
Do you feel safe and strong with this one friend by your side??
Aren't you ashamed of doing stupid things with your friend??

Yeah?? You're lucky ~ ;)
I've one of these friends.

I went to play Lasertag with nikyami and I've had so much fun with her and some other guys she's knowing!
I recognize that I've found a very good friend...We are making stupid jokes...SO stupid insider jokes...We don't even need to say a single word to talk/laugh! xD We sang "Gentleman" with our whole power!! < 3

And I'm so happy to enjoy Japan with her and Alice in two months! (^___^)
Can't wait~!! 

This entry may be a bit of "kitschiiiii kitsch" but I wanted to say those words for a while! xD 
I'm doing so many things, travels with her...I've showed her the world of Visual Kei (e.x) And she likes it!< 3

She's my bro! And I love being with her! x) 

Oh! We've found our "Anime Soulmates"
Somehow we are like Mio (nikyami) and Ritsu (me) from K-ON! xD! yeeeay~ 

Some pictures! BRO, sankyuu! :D ~!! < 3

I just love making pictures with her! xD

Over and out!
Tomorrow; Shopping Day with my mom~ yeeeay~! < 3


  1. Oh my gosh.. it's so damn cute!!! I also have such a friend. She is really awesome and I could never be without her, because she is a part of me. It's wonderful to have such a good friend.

    1. I'm happy for you!! ^__^
      It's very important to have such a good friend by your side!

  2. You two are so cute^^ I hope you two are going to be friends for ever!! :)
    I used not to have anyone close and I just kept everything inside me but now I have^^ it feels so much better like this :)

    1. Thank you! I really hope so!
      I'm glad to hear that :3
      It isn't easy to take everything by yourself...