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Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

This and that~(●´ω`●)ゞ

haaaaii guys~!
How are you doing??
I'm pretty bored right now so I'm gonna update my blog! Great idea isn't it? :D
Well...I'm not really that bored...but anyway, this is going to be a random entry!
With pictures, videos and songs!
Oh language exams will start in two weeks...I'm a bit excited! I have an examn in english and german! My english isn't perfect or very good but it should be fine..I guess...8D"

I'll start with a new experience! MY VERY FIRST AND OWN GIF!!!
Yeah, I'm a little baka in computer or pictured editing things! (glad to have insta, it's like a wonder for me!)
By chance I've got a new blogreader. the cute mindy-chan (^__^) I took a look at her blog and it's a very cute and interesting one! The latest entry is about a photo editing tutorial...
Here is the link!

Thanks to her...I've found out how to make my own cute gifs!! :D THANKS A LOT!

Here is my first gif!
kawaii neko chan!?

be prepared for random instagram pictures!! 8D

 as you can see, I've tried a new make up d(-w-)

 my cute bro nikyami and me :D
We went on a nice picnic with some other guys.
and bought usamimis at C&A for 3 euro !*_*

 Ahhhh here is a picture of the picnic :D I've censored the other guys xD

 after the dinner with my japanese class! Gonna blog about the dinner and the coming diploma soon! :3

 well nothing to say..xD
 ohhh damn! I'm so happy I'm able to make this cute hairstyle with my short hair! ._.

Enough pictures :3
Some videos I would like to share < 3
She is just sooo cute and will be forever cute!
I love the latest song! :3 

I guess most of you don't know these ladies.
I love their music and lyrics!
Especially this one. Listen to it carefully ;)

Oh how much I love lustknot < 3

love this song < 3 
and the lyrics..

< 3 

It's time for some serious stuff! :)
I came up with an idea for a personal entry...
It only works if you guys will work with me! :3
The idea is, you can ask me about 5-10 questions. You can ask me whatever you want (if the question is TOO personal I'm not gonna answer but I quess there won't be one like this ;) )
I'll answer to your questions in a new blog entry as good as I can! 
If there are things you want to know about me, my life or whatever, please ask me! 

Write me a comment with some questions below this entry! 
I hope you like the idea. I really want to make a personal entry and to communicate with my readers! :3

To be honest, I'm a bit afraid that noone will ask something! If that happens, I'm not going to make such an entry. For sure! haha It's just an idea which only works with your help and support!



  1. I have a question :) I also would like to do an post like that in my own blog but i'm Always scared that no one asks me something >.<

    But! my quetsion(s) for you:
    I see you wear gyaru make up and have gyaru models in your header :) Do you like gyaru? and how did you get into it?
    what are you favourite models?
    and do you have a tumblr?


  2. Süße Bilder <33

    Zu deiner Idee mit den Q&A-eintrag, ich finde ide Idee gut. ^^ Bestimmt haben manche Leser die ein oder andere Frage an dich. Du könntest auch ein Video daraus machen, aber das ist ja dir überlassen. Dann werd ich mich auch gleich mal beteiligen:

    ->Weißt du schon was du nach der Schule machen willst? Und falls ja, was ist es und wieso genau das?

    ->Wie bist du überhaupt zum Bloggen gekommen und hattest du vor diesem schonmal einen Blog?

    ->Welches sind deine 3-5 Lieblings-blogs?

  3. Helloo ^^
    I also have a Q: What's your top 5 fav cities in da world, and why?

    Love your blogg!! ~x

  4. very cute pics! and a really adorable kyary mv :D

    my question for you:
    If you could only use one make-up item for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?
    If aliens would take over the world and you could only save 3 items from getting destroyed: Which items would you save?

    1. damn nice questions! xD

      thank you ! :D <3

  5. I really like your pics. You're beautiful.

    I hold giveaway on my blog if you want participate, please visit my link:

    xo, Shiki

    1. Ohhh thank you so much!! ;3;
      and thank you for telling me!!
      I'm gonna participate! :D < 3

  6. You're always so damn cute *u* I'm in love with your new make up and also with your lovely face ♡♡♡

    1. o m g *-* means a lot when you telling me things like this! >g<
      thank you so so much! < 3 <3
      l o v e you! *3*

  7. awwww, thanks for trying out my tutorial <333 you're so lovely girl *-*
    I love your hair and how you do your make-up c:
    I have a few questions for you :D

    -Who's your role model?
    -Which style do you prefer gyaru or ulzzang?
    -What's your favorite food?
    -you're favorite song at the moment?
    -How would you describe yourself in 1 sentence?

    and btw, I'm dying to know that but: Wohnst du auch in Deutschland? ;u; Ich bin mir nicht sicher :o

    1. thank you sooooo much for your questions!! :D <3

      OMG! Du schreibst Deutsch?! :O
      Ich lebe nicht in Deutschland, komme aus Luxemburg :3

    2. hehe ja ich wohne in Deutschland :3
      Dann wohnen wir ja nah aneinander :D wie cool *^~^

  8. what a cute blog >u<
    follow you now^^ <3

    lg, rin-chan