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Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

Japanese Diploma (First year completed) < 3

haiiiiii guys~
I've got it!!
I've received my first japanese diploma!!! <  3
 Here it is!!
There is writen what we've learnd so far this year and what we should know :)
I am pretty proud of myself...:x
Oh and I've got my second japanese test back..
I have reached 269/326 points.
I guess it's a nice result...because I didn't even learn for it..
internship, activity and language exams in the same time as this jp test...NO xD

Let's start!
After work I went home as fast as I could and made myself pretty~! 
There was a celebration party for all the evening classes... yeeay~ < 3
before putting on my beautiful wig < 3 
I was so excited! < 3

of course nikyami came along!

We both got our diplomas! < 3
I'm also proud of her <  3

Well done darling! :D 

Here are our outfits :3 
like real LADIES!! 8D
We bring the boys out whoooooop~

We went to the school and there were many people :0
First the school director gave a boring because he talked only in french c__c
BUT our moment came!! x.x

Kitayama-sensei went in front of the stage to call each name of the japanese class students. Time to get the diplome from our nice sensei! :D
We thought so...
We were standing together on the other side of the stage...Sensei called every name...nikyami and I were the only ones left..We were both like "OKAY who will be the last damn one to go get the diplome >8D" "Let's bet on it!"
They made themselves ready to take a group picture without us?!
nikyami and I ...
were like this! DX

My brain was like
o(> A <;)o

We jumped up and down, whisper to them and put our hands in the air..
the audiance were laughing and then...FINALLY sensei recognized us ;3; 
Even our classmates didn't think about us! <.< PFFF

We laughed but..SHAME ON YOU ALL ;3;

anyway here is our group picture < 3
smiling like the happiest little lady on earth haha
(sensei...y u closed your eyes? :x )
After a drink and some snacks our sensei invited us to have a drink *___*
He is sooooo nice~! <  3
He talked soooo much with me..while the boys were talking about ANIME -___-
We talked about food, culture and his time as a true fighter hahaha xD

I had a very funny and interesting evening/night with my japanese class :3

Can't wait for october to start my second year and learn more! <  3

Oh...nikyami and me have made some stupid picture before the celebration party xD


some "normal" pictures 8D

My internship is almost over!
My boss gave me a "VERY GOOD" mark today *^* 

only 27 days until TOKYO!! OMFG
so many things to prepare!! <  3

this is so stupid..xD
this is SO cute ;3; < 3 


Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

I'm still alive~!! (Picture post)

haiiiii guys~!!
I'm so sorry to let you wait this long ;__;
My internship is pretty stressful at the moment...I had some exams, homeworks, projects etc...
But after the 28th of june I'll be kinda free! *____*
I don't have something special to talk about...
I'm still waiting for some orders to arrive...I'll go to the ADAMS concert here in Luxembourg and only 34 days until TOKYO ^____^

anyway~ some pictures < 3

First at all...FOOD *___*
We have an asian/italian whatever food service here in Luxembourg which is pretty awesome and delicious! They are calling this one "Chicken Katsu" WHATEVER I love it! < 3

 you wanna see my face without ANY make up or wig or stuff...
enjoy yourself~
no make up at all~

last friday I've got thegreat idea to try a Visual Kei inspired Outfit.
So I did...
Wig VS Short
Hairstyle haha
hm...I may take this stuff with me to Japan for the ScReW concert < 3 
well...not the boots or shoes but the other clothes xD

Here are some short hairstyle pictures ~

looking pure as an angel :3 

 you can't look cute with loooooong dark hair and white lenses...well I can't.
after some more stupid picture I've took my wig off and put the lenses out~

 le me on webcam modus~

This is it for the moment :)
I have to write on my report.

OHHHH wait~!!

I want to thank my beloved readers! I've got 110 blog readers!? O M G
I was so happy to see that! Thank you so much guys! ;3;


Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

Lockshop Review~

haiiii guys,
today's a review entry!

It's about the great shop called Lockshop!
I always wanted to buy a wig so that I would be able to have looong and shiny hair whenever I want to!
I took a look at the shop and made a quick decision!

Silky Straight Dark Brown

The package looked kinda cute and they sent me a description how to use and to care a wig!
It's my first wig so I was very happy about this information letter.

 A free Wig Cap came with the package.
(and there is also a description on it)

Here she is!
The wig is sooo long and looked very good!
I've followed the description and brush it nicely with a special brush. (for extensions and wigs)

The inner side of the wig. Pretty good quality and well made!
The wig feels soft and looks super natural when I put it on! :)

On their page for this wig is standing also
"We kept the bangs long, but this style looks the best with blunt bangs!"
The bangs were very long!

After a short hair cut, it looks even better!

The timing was perfect! The wig came the day of HITT's concert! :)

 none edited pictures~!

Some Facts;
My Payment: 26/5
Arrived: 30/5
I have to give to the service, 5/5
I've received mails with all the informations about my order right after I've took it!
They sent me the updates about my order. And it was super fast!
It only took 4 days to get my wig! That's pretty awesome!

to the wig;

Quality: 5/5
Price: 5/5

The wig feels super soft and good! Somehow like it's my own hair.
The price was 32,95euro for the wig
The shipping costs were 12,25 euro
All together; 45,20 euro.
I think it's okay! The shipping was expensive but!
I've got a tracking number and it was insured. Not to forget about only 4 days of waiting!

The price for the wig itself is also nice. The quality is worth it!

I'm pretty sure this wasn't my last order at Lockshop!
They have many pretty things, especially wigs!

Here the link for the one I've bought

I'm very happy with my wig and with this online shop!