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Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

I'm still alive~!! (Picture post)

haiiiii guys~!!
I'm so sorry to let you wait this long ;__;
My internship is pretty stressful at the moment...I had some exams, homeworks, projects etc...
But after the 28th of june I'll be kinda free! *____*
I don't have something special to talk about...
I'm still waiting for some orders to arrive...I'll go to the ADAMS concert here in Luxembourg and only 34 days until TOKYO ^____^

anyway~ some pictures < 3

First at all...FOOD *___*
We have an asian/italian whatever food service here in Luxembourg which is pretty awesome and delicious! They are calling this one "Chicken Katsu" WHATEVER I love it! < 3

 you wanna see my face without ANY make up or wig or stuff...
enjoy yourself~
no make up at all~

last friday I've got thegreat idea to try a Visual Kei inspired Outfit.
So I did...
Wig VS Short
Hairstyle haha
hm...I may take this stuff with me to Japan for the ScReW concert < 3 
well...not the boots or shoes but the other clothes xD

Here are some short hairstyle pictures ~

looking pure as an angel :3 

 you can't look cute with loooooong dark hair and white lenses...well I can't.
after some more stupid picture I've took my wig off and put the lenses out~

 le me on webcam modus~

This is it for the moment :)
I have to write on my report.

OHHHH wait~!!

I want to thank my beloved readers! I've got 110 blog readers!? O M G
I was so happy to see that! Thank you so much guys! ;3;



  1. really nice photos~ i love your vk style!!! it fits you very good

    1. thank you very much ;3;
      I'm always a bit shy when calling myself..Visual Kei, gyaru, emo I don't know xD ><

  2. I love your outfit. *w*
    Your look is really cool.

    bai, Shiki

    1. ohhhhw thank you so much *-*

    2. YOUR SHORT HAIR STYLED TO THE SITE. GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL! I will never ecover from this. ♥ ~

    3. omg...(//////) I don't know what to say..THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are sooo cute~ omg ;3; <3 <3

  3. Love the outfit photos, and OMG THAT FOOD. <3 I'm hungry now! T__T

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. thank you *^*
      the food was so delicious <3

      aww, seems pretty interesting! I'm gonna follow it :)

  4. Also ich find der VK-Stil mit deinen normalen Haaren steht dir echt gut, wobei die Perücke auch sehr gut zu dir passt. Du hast inzwischen einen außergewöhnlichen aber trotzdem weiblichen Stil der mich sehr gut gefällt :> vor allem dein schönes Gesicht sticht herraus. Ich bin so Stolz auf dich das du alles so gut bis jetzt gemeistert hast <3

    1. omg vielen lieben dank! deine worte rühren mich grad voll ;3;
      ich versuch halt das beste aus mir hervorzuholen und trotzdem ich selbst zu bleiben ;) <3 danke schatz <3

  5. Nice blog!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥