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Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

Japanese Diploma (First year completed) < 3

haiiiiii guys~
I've got it!!
I've received my first japanese diploma!!! <  3
 Here it is!!
There is writen what we've learnd so far this year and what we should know :)
I am pretty proud of myself...:x
Oh and I've got my second japanese test back..
I have reached 269/326 points.
I guess it's a nice result...because I didn't even learn for it..
internship, activity and language exams in the same time as this jp test...NO xD

Let's start!
After work I went home as fast as I could and made myself pretty~! 
There was a celebration party for all the evening classes... yeeay~ < 3
before putting on my beautiful wig < 3 
I was so excited! < 3

of course nikyami came along!

We both got our diplomas! < 3
I'm also proud of her <  3

Well done darling! :D 

Here are our outfits :3 
like real LADIES!! 8D
We bring the boys out whoooooop~

We went to the school and there were many people :0
First the school director gave a boring because he talked only in french c__c
BUT our moment came!! x.x

Kitayama-sensei went in front of the stage to call each name of the japanese class students. Time to get the diplome from our nice sensei! :D
We thought so...
We were standing together on the other side of the stage...Sensei called every name...nikyami and I were the only ones left..We were both like "OKAY who will be the last damn one to go get the diplome >8D" "Let's bet on it!"
They made themselves ready to take a group picture without us?!
nikyami and I ...
were like this! DX

My brain was like
o(> A <;)o

We jumped up and down, whisper to them and put our hands in the air..
the audiance were laughing and then...FINALLY sensei recognized us ;3; 
Even our classmates didn't think about us! <.< PFFF

We laughed but..SHAME ON YOU ALL ;3;

anyway here is our group picture < 3
smiling like the happiest little lady on earth haha
(sensei...y u closed your eyes? :x )
After a drink and some snacks our sensei invited us to have a drink *___*
He is sooooo nice~! <  3
He talked soooo much with me..while the boys were talking about ANIME -___-
We talked about food, culture and his time as a true fighter hahaha xD

I had a very funny and interesting evening/night with my japanese class :3

Can't wait for october to start my second year and learn more! <  3

Oh...nikyami and me have made some stupid picture before the celebration party xD


some "normal" pictures 8D

My internship is almost over!
My boss gave me a "VERY GOOD" mark today *^* 

only 27 days until TOKYO!! OMFG
so many things to prepare!! <  3

this is so stupid..xD
this is SO cute ;3; < 3 



  1. i don't know if they did that on purpose or they didn't really notice you guys XD which is weird hahahaha but anyway! congrats dear!! ;D

    1. haha thank you!
      I don't know! It was so sad :x
      they totally forgot about us ;3;

  2. Antworten
    1. forever in love with naruto <3 even if the story is going crazy right now :x

  3. Congratulations and well done!!! ^__^ Learning Japanese is fun, isn't it?

  4. Haha thank you! <3
    It is..sometimes it's hard but that's okay :)

  5. Congrats on the diploma, and love your outfit! ^__^

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. Thank you! ^_^

      of course I would like to!

      your blog seems to be very interesting!

  6. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. thank you! :)
      sure I'm gonna follow you