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Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

Lockshop Review~

haiiii guys,
today's a review entry!

It's about the great shop called Lockshop!
I always wanted to buy a wig so that I would be able to have looong and shiny hair whenever I want to!
I took a look at the shop and made a quick decision!

Silky Straight Dark Brown

The package looked kinda cute and they sent me a description how to use and to care a wig!
It's my first wig so I was very happy about this information letter.

 A free Wig Cap came with the package.
(and there is also a description on it)

Here she is!
The wig is sooo long and looked very good!
I've followed the description and brush it nicely with a special brush. (for extensions and wigs)

The inner side of the wig. Pretty good quality and well made!
The wig feels soft and looks super natural when I put it on! :)

On their page for this wig is standing also
"We kept the bangs long, but this style looks the best with blunt bangs!"
The bangs were very long!

After a short hair cut, it looks even better!

The timing was perfect! The wig came the day of HITT's concert! :)

 none edited pictures~!

Some Facts;
My Payment: 26/5
Arrived: 30/5
I have to give to the service, 5/5
I've received mails with all the informations about my order right after I've took it!
They sent me the updates about my order. And it was super fast!
It only took 4 days to get my wig! That's pretty awesome!

to the wig;

Quality: 5/5
Price: 5/5

The wig feels super soft and good! Somehow like it's my own hair.
The price was 32,95euro for the wig
The shipping costs were 12,25 euro
All together; 45,20 euro.
I think it's okay! The shipping was expensive but!
I've got a tracking number and it was insured. Not to forget about only 4 days of waiting!

The price for the wig itself is also nice. The quality is worth it!

I'm pretty sure this wasn't my last order at Lockshop!
They have many pretty things, especially wigs!

Here the link for the one I've bought

I'm very happy with my wig and with this online shop!



  1. I love lockshop wigs and I'm really happy you liked it *_* it suits you so damn well!

    1. Yeah! I've seen and read your review! *^*
      Thank you so much <3

  2. Ich hatte noch nie eine von denen, aber ich finde deine sieht echt toll aus. Jetzt überlege ich, ob ich dort auch mal bestellen soll *__*

    1. Solltest du wirklich mal, wenn du gerne eine haben möchtest.
      Die Qualität ist ausgezeichnet :)

  3. Does it shed a lot? :O Like, when you brush it through, does it lose a lot of hair?

    1. the beginning yeah but now it's fine :)
      The first brush was a mess xD

  4. the wig looks so pretty! *_* great review dear ^_^

    1. thank you!! (*___*)
      I'm glad to hear that! <3
      the wig is really great.

  5. you look kawaii with the wig ^_^!!! lovely review~


  6. www~ this wig suits you very well ! ♪♪♪

  7. I love the wig^^

    how about following each other?

    greetz lenie,

    1. sankyuu :D
      I'm following you too now :3