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Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2013

Tokyo; Harajuku/Takeshita Dori

haiiii guys!
I was so happy to see all the comments from you < 3
It means a lot to me :D THANK YOU!

SO today we went to Harajuku. At first we wanted to see the Meji Shrine too..BUT the weather was unbelievable hot today and we really wanted to make a shopping trip...So we will go again for the Meji Shrine on another day :)

The only goal today was the legendary Takeshita Dori. And the "LaForet".

first a picture of me/outfit :3

Wearing my new GLAVIL OnePiece (but I didn´t wear it today as an OnePiece hahaha)

Takeshita Street :)

We stopped at the Purikura machines and well...there the fun started xD

The last one HAHAHAH
Hey sexy motherf**** xD

Nikyami had a very good day! She is in love with cats and they have so many cat prints!
She was in heaven! < 3 

A cute Tamagochi Shop :)

After all the shopping..we were hungry...And Harajuku has some very good Crepes! 

I´ve took one with Mango...OMG it was very delicious! And fresh!  < 3

After the crepe we went to McDonalds again for some cold drinks :) 

Time to get back to the Guesthouse! :)

My gets from Harajuku 

Skirt with tiny stars on it < 3

New tights :)

OHHHH look at this lovely "SchoolBag" from Lover´s Rock!!
It was love at first sight < 3 

Well that´s all for the moment :)

My dinner hahah


Dienstag, 30. Juli 2013

Tokyo; Akihabara

haiiii guys.
I really am looking for more comments :O
Hope you guys still reading my blog ;3;

Anyway, let´s continue. We went to Akihabara today. The OTAKU paradise.

My look&Outfit :)
 wearing the pretty awesome Kazuki Shirt  < 3
Here we go to Akihabara. Nikyami was soooo looking for to get there!
She is totally in love with Anime and Manga stuff, so this really was her paradise. Figures, toys, otaku stuff everywhere.

She found a figure in the very first store we went in! hahah
It was soooo hard for her to take a decision...I was like "Yeay, I will not spend any money today >8D"
Until nikyami found a purikura machine...xD

So here are some puris of the day :3

 After we went to some more stores and streets of Akihabara. 

There was even a J-POP store :x with lot of Arashi stuff...Heaven hahah

Normal thing in Akihbara are the Maids. The cute girls are standing on the streets and searching for customers..I took one flyer of a Maid and talked a bit to her. I asked if she could speak english, she said no bu there would be a english speaking Maid near. OKAY. We went towards and there was another cute Maid on the street, I´ve took her flyer and talked to her too. AND SHE WAS ABLE TO SPEAK A LITTLE BIT IN ENGLISH OMG. She invited us to her Maid Cafe....We went with her! xD

Our very first visit to a Maid Cafe...So exciting!
In the cafe, the cute Maid explained the rules and the concept of the Cafe, she asked our names. Her name was Tosca/Tosuka. She was soooo cute and gentle < 3
We got some cold Melon Soda drinks and a cute dessert :x There the play began!
We had to say something with her and made some gestures...It was just a way too cute! Moe Moe ahahah
So we ate our dessert and she and another Maid talked a bit to us. They also known Luxembourg and were fascinated to hear that! xD
They told us about a special and if we want to make a Cheki with one Maid.OF COURSE OMG xD

Here is the stuff from the Maid Cafe.
(Pinky Cafe)

Here is my cute Cheki with Tosca! :D
She decorated it and wrote something on the back < 3 
She is soooooooo pretty *__*

If you have the chance to be in Japan. Go to a Maid Cafe...It´s very special and funny! 
Don´t be shy! Japanese are very kind :)

After the Maid Cafe we went back to the streets and to other stores :)

HAHAHAH this!! XD 

here she is! :D cutie nikyami in her paradise < 3 
Soooo....after nikyami spent some more money on the stores..We went back home :)

handsome guy in the train xDD"

We made a stop by McDonalds before going home :)
Big Mac for dinne *__* SOOO good hahah

So here are my gets from Akihabara!
Not that much xD
super cute gloomy bear bunny! < 3 

Sooooooo we will go back to a Maid Cafe next week :) 

that´s all for today! :)