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Samstag, 13. Juli 2013

ADAMS Concert 2013/7/11 [Luxembourg]

haiiiii guys~!
how are you? :3

I'm sooooo happy at the moment < 3
I've the perfect start into my summer vacation! The last one of my life haha..
On thursday was the ADAMS concert.
Shota and Adam :)

I started to listen their music and it isn't bad! I'm kinda about to like it very much!
The concert took place in Luxembourg, so there weren't many people..Anyway! I love the J-concerts here in's like a party with your family! The bands are always so relaxed..and kind! They are talking to the fans like friends. hach < 3
Sadly most of the "fans" last thursday only went to the concert because ADAMS are some "hot yaoi japanese guys!" You know what I mean? They don't really give a fuck about their music/message but they only wanted some fanservice -__-" The girls were screaming like little chicken when they kissed or touched each other. omg..maybe I'm just too old for this shit..

BUT! Let's start with my outfit!
I've received my wig from ebay last week, so I was able to wear it for the concert! ^__^

 T-Shirt; don't remember...haha
Top; newyorker
skirt; glavil
necklace; glavil
hat; CO&LU
wig; ebay

stupid face yeeeeay~
so excited!

I have met Jessica in the city and we went together to the concert. 
It only took one minute and two wild girls appeared!
They were making a fan flag for the band and a fanbook¨!
Jessica and me wrote something! Of course! <__ p="">
It's always cool to meet new people at concert! 

We also met a "photographer" well..he's pretty young and just started but his pictures are amazing!
If you want to take a look :3

Jessica looked sooooo cute omg! 
She's nearly into the japanese fashion haha! 
We wanted to make a picture together...
but the light inside RockBox is so...yeah..xD

The photographer was so nice and took a better picture of us...and holy mother!
I really love this picture!
He's pretty good in taking photos, isn't he? D:

The concert begins!
It was the first concert for ADAMS in Europe and outside of Japan!
They were kinda nervous! 
Some things with the technology went wrong..Shota wasn't able to start the sound...Adam was was so cute! xD He was sitting on stage, in front of the fans, smiling..looking back to Shota...looking to the fans...looking back to Shota "Okaiii~! Go..Go!" haha so cute < 3 
But the concert was very good! Their music sounds live great. Of course they gave some fanservice and to be honest..there must be a deeper conection between these guys! It's like they know everything about each other..I don't know how to explain! ._.

Oh! They played a special song for us too!
They made a cover of  "Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)"
It was great! Omg < 3 

After a few songs I've recognized something on stage...A plectrum! D:
It lay innocent..Jessica grab it for me after the encore >8D
Guess..Shota lost it after the first few songs muhaha

OHHHH When ADAMS went backstage to wait for the encore...It was a shame!
There were some french girls..They know how to act at concerts! They scream ENCORE~! ENCORE
Of course, Jessica and myself help them out! But...all the other..were just like.."WTF Oo" 
(___ ___") 
They didn't help us ;3;

Shota and Adam came back on stage.
Shota was the one who talked with the fans and explained things.
He was like "Now Encore..Okay.."
no answer
"'s encore..Okay...?"
me; HAIII~!!
And they started~ 

Afterwards they gave a signing session and you could make pictures with them :D
Happy time~
I gave my smartphone to a friend and she took..3 pictures xD 
I only wanted one...First flashlight

second flashlight..
I almost was like "Wtf are you doing...? :D"

Last flashlight xD
I said"Oiii~!!"
I started laughing..
Shota and Adam too 8D 
Happy Picture~
I'm looking like a child..they were pretty tall..oô

I was so thankful!
ADAMS is a nice band with lot of potential!
and they promised to come back! :D

 every cd had already an autograph on it..but we got another one < 3 

picture spam! 8D

after the concert..back home and happy < 3


before putting on my wig~ 
Short hairstyle!

I had a great concert/evening with my friends and I've met some new people! :)
can't wait to see them again.



  1. Awww so lucky and sweet to know you had plenty of fun and met new people ^^

    恵美より ♥

    1. yeah! :3
      thank you for your comment!

      your blog is so cute! you're lovely <3

  2. Total interessant. Ich kannte die Band nicht ehe ich von den Konzerten gehört hatte und war dann sehr neugierig. Die Musik gefällt mir sehr gut und auch die Message hinter der Band find ich total interessant. Leider waren alle Konzerte ziemlich weit weg von mir, daher konnte ich nicht auf eins der Konzerte... schade. T__T

    1. Das ist wirklich sehr schade..Sie sind live eigentlich auch sehr gut!
      Es hätte sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt aber sie haben versprochen wiederzukommen! :D