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Samstag, 6. Juli 2013

Outfits/News and lalala~

haiiiiii guys~~!
Summer is finally here in Luxembourg!
The weather is pretty warm/hot and it already feels like vacation!
But I have to work on monday! The last day of work for my internship! I can't believe I've been working there for 3 months now! Time past by so fast...
Anyway! I'm nearly done with this schol year and I can't wait to finish my last year! That's means, baibai school! :D

Ohhhhh I can't wait guys...My Tokyo countdown is running very fast! Only 18 days left until I'm sitting in the plane, direction Narita! OMG < 3 I can't wait! reeeeally~ < 3

nikyami and I have made some plans and I'm gonna prepare my stuff the next week. So many things to do >///<

To be honest I don't really know what to blog about...My life was pretty busy the last weeks and I'm just enjoying my free time now haha But brace yourself for awesome Tokyo Adventure Posts! Alice-chan is taking her laptop with her to Tokyo! yeeey < 3
And I will take my own camera with me...So better pictures and MORE picture will come ;)

Enough talking!

Here are some outfits and look what arrived last wednesday *^*

 Outfit for last saturday~ had lunch with my dad in a chinese restaurant.
-Pants; CO&LU
-Shirt; kyary pamyu pamyu DINO < 3
-shoes; offbrand
-cap; CO&LU

And here is what arrived on wednesday~ :D
my amazing GazettE x Disney Shirt!! < 3 
it's huge!! OAO but I totally love it!

-Shirt; GazettE x Disney
-pants; lover's rock 

I wore my sex pot revenge necklace too...after such a long time 8D 

 Today's Outfit! 
 -Shirt; the GazettE Tourshirt
-pants; from newyorker
-shoes/boots; underground (sadly you can't see them c.c )
-necklace; glavil

 korilakkuma is watching you...

some creepy webcam pictures~

look where I am wearing your bandname boys!! hahahah
this place belongs to you! xD 
(and btw this isn't feels like S...or even smaller than S!
you guys tricked me c.c )



  1. All of your outfits are super cute *___* I hope you'll have great time in tokyo, I can't wait to see all of your future purchases and pictures!

    1. hahah thank you!
      I'm gonna try to write every single day...! *^*
      can't wait for glavil, CO&LU and gladnews hahaha <3

  2. I really love your outfits. You look cute. *w*
    I really want to go to Tokyo too. You're lucky and have good time! :)

    bai, Shiki

    1. thank you very much! Glad to receive such nice compliments :x <3

      I hope your dream to see Tokyo will become true too! :)

  3. Amazing outfits, I like the one with the disney-the gazette shirt most. <3

    I can't wait for your Tokyo-report. <3

    1. aww thank you < 3
      I love this shirt haha love at first sight 8D

  4. ~haha das Disney-Gazette shirt ist ja putzig <3
    ..dann viel Spaß in Japan in 18 Tagen^^°.... sooo viele, die ich kenne fliegen bald wieder nach Japan Q___Q nur ich nicht .....
    bai bai <3

    1. ist es <3 haha
      ohw ._. nja für mich wird es auch das letzte Mal für ne Weile sein.
      Wäre ja schön wenn man das Geld am nächsten Baum dafür pflücken könnte :x