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Samstag, 27. Juli 2013

Tokyo; Arrived in Arakawa-ku

haaaaaaai guys!!
Here we are now!
In TOKYO < 3
Still can´t believe I´m here again!

Let´s start with the flight.
 First plane from Luxembourg...but sadly this wasn´t our plane hahaha We flight with EdelWeiss, SWISS airlines haha

Zürich restroom
We took our first plane in Luxembourg, to Zürich. There we took the main plane..direction NARITA *A*

The flight was alright, no matters/problems...BUT we weren´t able to get some sleep xD We were awake most of the time...Anyway!

We found ourselves in Narita. Checked our suica cards and off we were with the Keisei Line, direction Nippori.

some random train pictures :D

We arrived happy at the Guesthouse, where the legendary Kuga-san was waiting for us! < 3 
Ahhh I was very happy to see him and his Guesthouse again!

More pictures of the Guesthouse and our room will follow.
But I´ve got the same room like the last year :)

After we took a little rest,we went out to visit a konbini near the guesthouse.
Hungry < 3
nikyami arrived in her little paradise! xD 
The konbini is pretty small..but she was already so happy about the stuff there hahah

 Our dinner and breakfast

 beloved coke and my most precious curry! 
finally back together < 3 

So far!
That was our first day. Today we will visit Shibuya. know what that´s means...SHIBUYA109!

Wish you guys a good night ;)



  1. I'm glad the flight went well *_* I'm so curious to see all the next posts!

  2. Welches Guesthouse habt ihr denn gebucht?
    Uhh das Essen sieht yummy aus. *Q*