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Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2013

Tokyo; Harajuku/Takeshita Dori

haiiii guys!
I was so happy to see all the comments from you < 3
It means a lot to me :D THANK YOU!

SO today we went to Harajuku. At first we wanted to see the Meji Shrine too..BUT the weather was unbelievable hot today and we really wanted to make a shopping trip...So we will go again for the Meji Shrine on another day :)

The only goal today was the legendary Takeshita Dori. And the "LaForet".

first a picture of me/outfit :3

Wearing my new GLAVIL OnePiece (but I didn´t wear it today as an OnePiece hahaha)

Takeshita Street :)

We stopped at the Purikura machines and well...there the fun started xD

The last one HAHAHAH
Hey sexy motherf**** xD

Nikyami had a very good day! She is in love with cats and they have so many cat prints!
She was in heaven! < 3 

A cute Tamagochi Shop :)

After all the shopping..we were hungry...And Harajuku has some very good Crepes! 

I´ve took one with Mango...OMG it was very delicious! And fresh!  < 3

After the crepe we went to McDonalds again for some cold drinks :) 

Time to get back to the Guesthouse! :)

My gets from Harajuku 

Skirt with tiny stars on it < 3

New tights :)

OHHHH look at this lovely "SchoolBag" from Lover´s Rock!!
It was love at first sight < 3 

Well that´s all for the moment :)

My dinner hahah



  1. OMG! Die Tasche von Lovers Rock is ja mal absolute LIEBE!! *Q* Ich mag auch dein Outfit und die Crepes <3

    1. Ja ist sie < 3
      Di Crepes haben SO verdammt gut geschmeckt xD omg Morgen gibt es vielleicht wieder einen *_*
      Dankeschön :)