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Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

Tokyo; Screw concert in Saitama (28.7)

haiiiii guys!
Today was one of my happiest days of my life!
We went to Saitama to the SCREW was amazing!

The best concert I´ve been so far!

We started our day at 11AM and made ourselves ready. 
There our Adventure started xD

We took the train to Saitama and followed a map which I´ve got a day before..
huge mistake.
We went to the wrong street xD hahaha we got almost lost...
We searched for the fucking venue for 2 hours!! XD
Until we´ve got the idea to ask someone.
I took my chance and asked a japanese with his two little children < 3 where the venue could be.
He searched it on his phone...well he gave us the direction somehow haha 
We arrived at a Taxi Station...and...took one! <.< I showed the driver the name of the venue and he took us there in a few minutes hahaha
We were so happy that we arrived in time !
Fans going to the merchandise :x 

ahhhh < 3 so wonderful and I was so excited to see SCREW again ;___;
I love them so so much! 

Our tickets < 3 

After some time the door opened...And each ticket number got called!
Ohhhh japanese concerts are so much love < 3 

Inside the tiny venue the fans stood up in lines! No pushing, no screaming, no panic! 
No "OMG OMG OMG AHHHHKYAHH" to the staff who was making the instruments ready...
It was nikyamis first concert in Japan...I already told her to brace herself because what happens here on concert is completely different than in Europe.
SCREW came to the stage and the cute, little japanese girls were it sounds more like hungry monsters! xD But they screamed the name of the members (almost KAZUKIIII, damn that womanizer)
The concert started and the band was soooooo good!
Everyone was rocking like hell! It was so much fun sharing a concert with all these girls!
The girl next to me was soooo cute < 3 
Every fan took the hand of each other while a special song..It was wonderful..I just can´t describe how this concert felt..It was the best concert so far for me...
Screw, the fans...everything was perfect. We laughed so much!
 And Jin has got his drum solo < 3 OMG 
It was so cute beause we had to scream "JIN, JIN , JIN" at some party of his solo..ahhhhw he´s soooo cute and pretty < 3 

Haha each member designed a T-Shirt and they presented it on stage.
Kazuki was like the perfect seller! xD
He critized each member!hahaha it was so funny, he was soooo proud of his shirt..Well his shirt IS awesome xD
Byo also wanted to show a bracelet, Kazuki gave it to him. Byo said you could use it also as a necklace! And he put it on and Kazuki was looking at Byo "You could also use it as a belt" xDD He was soooo mean hahah
The setlist was soo great omg< 3 
One of the last song was very cute.
We´ve got to sing each name of the member.
Jin, Rui, Manabu, KAZUKI, Byo <--they kazuki="" loud="" p="" screamed="" very="" xd="">
Anyway...the band looked so happy at this concert...It was like a party with friends (even if they all were stangers )


nikyami found out that we were pretty near to our train station..I was like NO FUCKING WAY
I was wrong..HAHAH SUCH A SHAME!
All we needed were5 minutes to get to the station! 5 MINUTES, not 2 hours!
HAHA so we found our way home very easily :Dv

 Saitama Super Arena 

random train picture.. I love japaese trains.

We were glad to arrive at the Guesthouse..My neck already starts to hurt a bit hahah It begins..>:3

Here is my merch! :3
Towel, Cheki, Stickers, Shirt :x
The DVD and CD were bought yesterday in Shibuya...but they are looking so nice next to my other SCREW gets < 3 

my ticket to the paradise < 3

 Stickers, and Chekis...only byo is missing :x
 Jin & Kazuki < 3 
SOOO perfect xD
I was so glad when I´ve opened the tiny envelope..
You couldn´t choose one was all destiny! c.c
my lucky hand took Jin and Kazuki < 3 aaaaaaaaww

Here I am with my Kazuki Shirt.
Thank you Kazuki for making such a huge T Shir with some specials (like pockets hahah he was very proud of his pockets!)

looking tired and shit haha

Time to say, OYASUMI < 3 

Not sure what we will do tomorrow...Maybe Akihabara?
We´ll see :) 

I am very happy right now...I´ve finally see SCREW again < 3 
my life is complete haha

Hope you enjoy reading my blog! :) 
If you have questions feel free to use my ask page! 



  1. *Q* Scheint ja ein Hammer-konzert gewesen zu sein und das Shirt... es ist so LIEBE!!!! <33

    1. Es war das beste Konzert meines Lebens xD hahah
      jah ist es auch < 3