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Samstag, 27. Juli 2013

Tokyo; Shibuya, Mugiwara Store, Shibuya109, Hachiko, Tower Records and flirty guys..

Ohhhhh guys
How are you doing?? I am so happy...ahhhh! I could cry.
Tokyo is just a wonderland! OMG Today happened so many things xD haha

We went to Shibuya, goals were, Purikura, Tower Records, Mugiwara Store and Shibuya109!
Goals are reached < 3


hachiko < 3

First I was a little lost...but as soon as I remembered streets and shops I found our way through Shibuya easily. We made some cute purikura :3

how much I love these tiny pictures < 3

After the puris, we went to Tower Records.
ahhw I´ve got my SCREW DVD and CD muhahaha
and a cute picture with kyary ;3; haha

Sooo we were searching for the f*** Mugiwara store haha
We found the Loft aaaaand soon the One Piece shop! :)
Nikyami was the happierst person alive while we were in the shop xD
While I was waiting for her to end the shopping trip in the tiny paradise, a japanese couple asked me to take a picture of them together in front of the Ship..OKAI

So far. 
Before going to Shibuya 109 we wanted to take a rest and drink something.
We bought bubble tea and sit down.

I swear...I didn´t even recognize him at the beginning! 
He talked with us a bit in english (his english was pretty good!) 
We changed FB profiles and well..he asked us for a date! He want to eat something with us. OKAI
Nikyami was a bit tired and didn´t talk that much with him..and her face was like "GO AWAY" haha
The poor guy was a bit sad hahah But he was pretty nice..We took a picture together and we went also together to Shibuya109 there he said baibai and went to the station.

Our shopping trip continued!
OMG Shibuya109 is sooooooooo much love < 3 

Of course I took pictures with the nice shop staff! < 3 
 I am a little stalker of her...she´s sooooo cool and nice! And her english is quite good! :) 

 she helped me a lot with the outfit I´ve bought there! CO&LU staff are always so busy haha

of course..GLAVIL staff < 3 ohhh she was so cute`!
As soon as I entered the shop she recognized all my GLAVIL gets (Outfit; Top, necklace and bag)
She was so happy to see that haha < 3 

So, after our shopping trip trhough Shibuya109 we went to Hachiko and sit down there.
SUDDENLY, two japanese guys came in front of us talking to each other.
Guy1 said to the other one "Ganbatte!" and wanted to go..Guy2 looked at me...laughd and went to his friend. ehhh..okai!
Both came back Guy1 "He said you are very beautiful"
awwww..ohhhdear japanese guys hahah
Guy2 talked with me a lot! Asked me random questions like "Where are you from? What are you doing here" His english was okay.Ah at the beginning he asked me if I am japanese hahah yeay
When suddenly the random question came "Do you have a boyfriend?" -No
"Ahhh very good! Very good! " with a biiiiiig smile on his face hahaha
He asked us what we would do now -Going home hhaah
We changed mail adresses and he took all his courage together and ask me for a date!
So cute!
He even used his friend as a tanslator sometimes, poor guy! xD

Well I said it would be okay..THAN!
It happened!

He looked at my bags "Hm..what do you like..maybe" 
He took something out of his bag...AND HE GAVE ME A Diary, notice, notebookwhatever hahahah
A new one! O_o
I was like WTF?! are you serious?! hahaha
but nice...A sranger gave me a present after a little talk...Boys..that´s how you should do this! haha
He was very friendly and happy :)

They said baibai and were gone..
dafuq right xD

Anyway we took our train back to the Guesthouse. 
We are pretty tired..and tomorrow is the SCREW concert in Saitama! Ohhhh can´t wait

After are my Shibuya gets!
Screw < 3 

 Jin < 3 
 The whole stuff :x

 of course some make up stuff!


 Here is the note book I´ve got from this guy haha still laughing about this overloaded kawaiiness

Oh yes...CO&LU
I love being here when they have SALE 

 GLAVIL gets, of course the skirt has pants under it...I asked the staff for it :x

They had a cheki from serikamacho!!!
I was like "ahhhhhhw my gooood, kawaiii < 3 "
I gave the staff my point card and she had a big smile haha (I bought so many things there..)
She gave me this cute bag a a present!*A* 
I was fangirling like a cutie haha < 3

And the puris again :)
This are my gets..

Tomorrow is the SCREW concert in Saitama..I am so damn tired but I wanted to make this entry xD

Some random pictures I´ve took before we went to Shibuya 

and with my cutie nikyami < 3 she is so pretty, isn´t she??*A*

(pls take a look at my awesome shoes)




    You both look so shiny!!!!! *-* And super nice haul!

    Keep it up Ania-sama! OAO

    1. hahah thank you a lot sweetheart <3
      hope you´ll get well soon! :*

  2. I'm so happy you post your purchases *_* I love all of them! I also bought the same Glavil white t-shirt some few days ago, we can twin sweetie!

    1. awwww twin with you = AWESOME *´* I am in love with the white TShirt <3

  3. Blogs du mit dem Handy, aus Japan, oder hast du ein Notebook dabei?
    Ich finde deine Bilder so toll und dein Outfit gefällt mir auch total gut. <3 Ha ha~ und bei den Kerlen kommst du wohl auch sehr gut an. XDD

    1. Meine Gefährtin hat ihren alten Laptop mitgenommen 8D
      Dankeschön :)
      Liegt vermutlich an der Wig hahahah xD

    2. Ha ha das is natürlich mehr als praktisch. x3
      Ach was~ ich find du siehst auch ohe die Wig echt hübsch aus~ <3

  4. oh my god, du hast nen bild mit der glad news stuff frau, ich find die so hübsch, die ist so perfect, die ist auch so lieb ^.^ bin ein fan von ihr geworden.
    da bekomm ich gerade lust auch wieder zu shoppen :3 ich liebe shibuya, viel spaß noch dort.