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Montag, 26. August 2013

My Gets from JAPAN(✪㉨✪)

haiiiiiii guys~!!
it's time to show ALL my gets in one entry!
I will show you everything I've bought in Tokyo in this entry. I know I've showed already many gets but's better to see all the gets in one entry! I also made an entry like this last year. So let me proudly show you what I've bought and where I've lost all my money~

World Wide Love
Found those two in Odaiba...
The shop had so many cool gets...and sale!! OAO
Sale everywhere! < 3
Well I've choose two shirt.
They are pretty long and I love it 8D

Got this three shirt in different shops in Harajuku.
No special brand oh and white one are gloomy shirts! 8D
I love Gloomy Bear < 3

*sigh* Seems as I can not leave this shop without buying a whole outfit 8D
I finally got the beloved leo pants!! *A*
I was waiting for this moment for a year now hahah

the shoes have hidden heels inside! ^__^

Sooo we went to a SCREW concert in saitama...~
DVD, CD, TOWEL, Kazuki's Shirt, Flyers, Chekis and Stickers.

chekis! lucky me! I've got Jin and Kazuki! < 3 

Flyers~ oh yeay 
I left some of them already in Arakawa ._.
So I only took the best with me < 3

I've bought the DVD and CD at Tower Records < 3
They were showing the live DVD next to their CD's and DvD < 3 haaaa heaven 

Unknown brand. 
Bought in Harajuku
Oh yeah..Fable didn't want me to continue...TZ!

GladNews! < 3 
haaaaa I love this brand and the shopstaff in Shibuya109 xD

I've only bought one shirt there this year.
They had another cool shirt BUT on the back was standing
"You Me Bed Now"
noooo  thanks haha

Brace yourself...Glavil is coming!

Two skirts, the blue one was on sale ^_^

You can wear the white one as a OnePiece

With a fluffy heart < 3

I fell in love with this dress < 3 

And my Glavil Set :3 
First set I've bought there haha

cool Top :)

 Two Glavil necklaces 3

This ones are soooo cool < 3

Oh yeah! 
They have a Serikamacho Cheki next to their cashier. And I was a bit fangirling about it and her xD"
So the staff gave me this Serika Bag as a present to my boughts 8D 
I was a happy little ania < 3 
I've got the pillow because I've bought clothes there around 150Euro.
muhaha two presents yes yes, Glavil I love you < 3

lover's rock
schoolbag :3

cute bunny necklace, nikyami choose this one for me 8D
unknown brand

Found this pretty cool snake in Shibuya109!
Love at first sight < 3 

Found this one in the same shop as the snake

egg, egg and popteen :3

well...I wanted Kakashi in his Samurai Mode...All I've got is Jiraiya..
well..still better than Sakura 8Dv

Sylveon < 3
it was the last figure of this pokemon in the Center >8D
sorry little japanese kiddis but I've got it hahaha

Pokemon Center gets :3 
the cookies were sooooo delicious < 3 

For my smartphone :)

Oh yeah...A Japanese student gave me this while asking me out for a date...haha
Yeah...I've got a present from a wild japanese guy..oô I think it's pretty cute
And...all train/metro whatever maps from Japan are inside! *^* 

my new dreamy shoes < 3 
Omg I love them so much!

Stickers, tiny mameshiba and Purikuras..
more than last year 8D

FREE! Splash Free single <  3

Maid Cafe gets.

Dolly Wink gets

got this as a present :3

some nails, clothes spray and hair treatment oil.

Alice in Wonderland nails < 3

of course I've bought some of these masks haha
and glue for the nails.

bought in a shop in LaForet, Harajuku


and my new fluffy friends < 3

his face is so stupid xD

some point cards 

I've got a new card from GLAVIL *^* 
The cute shopstaff wrote my name there with a tiny heart ;3;

well...I would call this..some schnickschnack hahaa

The "Under the Screw" towel is under the "Screw" towel :Dv

all my precious memories < 3

jin has got the best place! <__ p="">

So far guys!
Hope you like this entry and some of my gets! :)
I didn't make picture of all the presents I have made...but there were a few :s soorry
Tell me your opinion, ask questions whatever~
Oh if you have some questions, you can always use my ask page. here is the link :3
Sometimes I am pretty bored so you can spam me at any time haha