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Montag, 5. August 2013

Tokyo; Back to Akihabara!

haiiiii guys!
First of all, thank you soooo much for your nice comments! I am always happy to receive an answer or question from my readers! Please stay as awesome as you are! < 3

As you know my camera is broken...My parents gave me the permission to buy a new one here in Japan!
That´s why nikyami and I went back to Akihabara!

Outfit of the day :3
The sun was shinning sooooo strong today...I´m glad I wore a very short skirt!
-Skirt; GLAVIL
-Necklace; GLAVIL
well let´s call this a GLAVIL outfit hahah
I don´t like this picture but I don´t have another one >///<

random pictures ;)

Hello Akihabara we are back!
First station was an electronic shop! 
I´ve been searching for the cheapest camera! xD 
And I´ve found this one,
A Nikon Coolpix S6400
I´ve tried it already and it is pretty good! :D
Can´t wait to make new pictures tomorrow! 
Price; 11.800Yen
but the seller did everything to puch the price down! So cute! < 3 
So I´ve got the camera even a bit cheaper! 
I have got the tiny bag for free :D
same colour as my 3DS < 3

After this we went to an Arcade to make some more puris ^___^

I am a titan...or something...xD

like ladies hahaha

Then we got the best idea! 
As you may read in my last entry about Akihabara, we went to a Maid Cafe..
This time we wanted to try a very popular and also english speaking Maid Cafe!
This Maid Cafe is called,
"at home Cafe"
here is the english website :3

So many people were here, so we had to wait a few minutes in front of the entry haha
An fluently english speaking Maid came to us and welcome us as her Ladies...HAHAHA OH YEAY! 
She showed us our places and explained everything important. Also the menu card...OMG they had the cutest curry there!
We both order the Cute Puppy Curry...
It is so damn cute, isn´t it! OMG < 3 
We almost died hahah
and it was delicious! 
We also ordered Melon Soda < 3 
And we had to say the magical spell!
"Moe Moe...kyuuuuuuuun"
And gave our food and drink an magical hato < 3 
hahah it´s so funny in a Maid Cafe! 

Some other Maids came to our place and talked a bit to us. One of them love GLAVIL too < 3 OMG hahah
We were also able to make Chekis with our english speaking Maid. 
She went on stage and said
that the ladies, Ania and Michele shall come to the stage to make a cute picture with their Maid.
OMG hahah xD
She was soooo nice and funny! < 3

After this, we went back to our places and have to wait to pay the rent.
Oh! One Maid asked us also where we are from.
aaaaaand we´ve got a surprise..
Chopsticks and there is the luxembourgish flag on the package! xD hahah
And I alo got a card :3

She brought us to the exit with "Thank you my ladies! I love love love love I really love you all!! < 3" 
HAHAH awwwwweee

Our little Maid Cafe Adventure ends here...

nikyami took her chance to buy some new figures.
And we went back home to buy some food, drinks etc :3

So here are my gets.

I bought also the new egg issue :) 

so guys!
tomorrow, Ueno and Asakusa! 



  1. I went to a Maid Cafe once. I also had to do some "magical spell" when receiving my order... haha... A little bit weird, but cute at the same time, right?

    1. So true!
      It is cute yeah but somehow what´s in your mind is like"wtf Am I doing here...?" xD

  2. Die kamera habe ich auch!! XD Ich hab sie vor ein paar Monaten im Saturn für 69€ ergattert, in Lila. <3 Ich mag sie auch ganz gerne, wobei ich hin und wieder auch noch meine alte benutze. XD''
    Eure Puris sind wirklich süß und das Cheki aus dem Maid Cafe~ süß!

    1. Hahah yeay, die Farben von der Kamera waren alle so schön ;3; es war ne harte Entscheidung hahaha xD
      dankeschön x)

  3. Super adorable outfit! :)