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Freitag, 2. August 2013

Tokyo; Ikebukuro/ Cat Cafe ^___^

haiiiii guys!
Sry for not blogging yesterday but we came back home quite late and I was just too tired :x
Anyway, I am not sure if we are still going to the Meiji Shrine today because we have to make our laundry and buy some food and stuff...Damn hahah
Well I am gonna report of our little journey the day before.

We went to Ikebukuro to meet the lovely Nao! :)
I´ve missed him pretty much so I was kinda VERY happy to see him again after a year.
Since we were all a bit hungry he searched a nice restaurant for us where they are selling PIZZA *_*
Nao knows that I loooove Pizza hahah
We talked a bit about future plans and what to do in Ikebukuro.
I´ve told nikyami that there is a Cat Cafe and she was like a little child....Starring at me with biiiiig eyes hahah so cute! Before we left to an Arcade, she wanted to try her luck again. Nao tried it too but he didn´t win anything yesterday .___. BUT nikyami did! She won an Evee!!! OMG I love this pokemon so so much and she won one! By her first try btw! hahaha

So after we walked a bit through Ikebukuro until we found ourselves in the Cat Cafe! 

Foooood nyanyan < 3 

I love this panther so much!
I totally remember him from last year < 3

Kissing my hand < 3 

I also remembered this guy! < 3 
Löwenköfpchen! hahah

Stalker Picture from nikyami hahah

We stayed at the Cat Cafe for some hours..xD
We went to the station after we left the Cafe.It was a bit late.
Anyway the day was great! 
Ive seen Nao again and all the cats from last year hahah

stay tuned!



  1. aww, cat cafés must be super cute *-* omg I really wanna go to a cat café too QQ The cats are really adorable <3 I envy you for your whole trip there SO much !!! >u<