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Mittwoch, 21. August 2013

Tokyo; last days in Tokyo! baibai ;////;

haiiiiii guys!!

How are you? :)
I am pretty fine...but I am also kinda sad because I am back home ;____:
We left Japan yesterday morning...It seems as I wasn't even there..Time passed by so fast..But I am also happy to sit in my room, beeing with my family..Anyway!

This entry is about our last days in Tokyo..

We didn't do a shit on saturday...I don't even know why haha, we only made our laundry..
On sunday the dear Kuga-san took us to his beloved Mini garage. many cool and pretty shiny Mini gadgets! ;3; They even had shoes from Mini there!
And there was a special Mini in the garage. A Kumamon Mini!

Suddenly Kuga-san came to me and told me to decide for a dog (there were many dog plushies standing in the garage) They had all different faces so I could choose one...
I was like "ARE YOU FOR REAL?!"
;_____; I was sooooo happy!

So here are my gets of our short trip to the garage with Kuga-san :D

isn't he cute?? :D

After we went back to the Guesthouse, nikyami and myself took a short rest and went later again to Shibuya :3 
Ohh we love Shibuya so so much...
We had already lunch with Kuga-san...but we were hungry again in the back to a restaurant!

nikyami made me a pizza heart because my heart got broken.
Isn't she a real honey?? :x

We even made puris...and we didn't have any make up on our shiny skin!!
enjoy this ...bakaness 8D

my face was just too stupid xD

hahahaahmy lashes are the most beautiful in the fucking world xD

nikyami changed our hair colours :x

whatever she was doing...she seems happy..

serikamacho pose >////<

Our last day started on monday!
Back to Shibuya for a very last time.

nikyami found a new friend :)

Oh I really miss Shibuya already.. ;3;

This little cutie was in the Pet Shop...My wallet was already half open..xD

Final Fantasy CM

Sitting next to hachiko and watching people :)

Of course we made some last puris!

After our cute purikura trip we went back to Hachiko and just sit there...when suddenly...

"HALLO! Wollen Sie essen und trinken?!" 
no fucking way! xD He was back!
The german speaking Japanese guy was back xDD
We started laughing out loud hahaha omg 
He just asked the same questsions and because he was soooo funny and it was our last evening, we said yes and he went with us together to his restaurant.
Well...we were a bit afraid that he would kidnap us xD 
He talked a lot with us and his german is SO good omg.
"Japan ist heiss nicht wahr? Immer eine Sauna!" xD
Well..I thought he would work for a cheap bar or something but...
His friend waited for us in front of the restaurant..somewhere in a street behind the Shibuya station.
"Da ist mein Freund! Er ist hübsch oder?" 
No, he wasn't pretty at all xD 
Suddenly I thought he would bring us to a Host Club xD We went downstairs...A very hot servant opened the door for us and greeted us like princesses OAO
And this restaurant looked SOOOOO damn expensive and beautiful xDDD OMG
The name is Bee House..fuhhh...xD
We drank a cocktail and ate some pommes 8D

Let's say we had a great last evening!
Here we are!
nikyami, I and the funny "Essen und Trinken" guy HAHAHA
He was soooooo nice :x

We went back at the guesthouse quite early because we had to tidy up and prepare our luggage.

Tuesday morning...
Our things were ready, the sad "goodbye" to Kuga-san and we were off to the Narita Airport ._.
I felt pretty was only in Japan for a day or two..but not for a month.
Nikyami felt the same way.

Everything worked fine. Even the weight of our luggages were okay.
Japanese are so kind ;3;

Yeah we were back in Luxembourg around 20:40 o'clock.
I was very happy to see my mother and my father.
nikyami cried of happiness haha

I came home where my grandparents already waited for me :)
And my sister! She missed me the most I guess xD

I gave everyone presents and yeah :) 
I tidy up my gets..
Now I am tired...Jetlag hello 
finally back together with my little cutie < 3




  1. Ich und eine Freundin hatten auch mal einen Gaijin Hunter. Der ist immer neben uns hergelaufen und hat uns mit deutschen Sprichwörtern bombardiert.
    "Eile mit Weile"
    Da gibts schon Typen...

    1. hahahah Eile mit Weile xD
      Ich fand den sooooo übelst lustig xD Die erwarten dahinten immer, dass alle Ausländer entweder Deutsche oder Amerikaner sind xD
      Und müssen dann stolz auf einen einreden und wenns nur ein Wort ist haha

  2. Ha ha, so geil, dass ihr am letzten Abend doch noch seinen 'Wunsch' erfüllt habt. XDD Waren die Cocktails wenigstens gut?
    Schon schade.. wenns irgendwo schön ist, geht die Zeit einfach viel zu schnell vorbei. Aber die Familie wieder zusehen ist ja auch was feines. ^--^

    1. Ja xD hahaha Die Cocktails waren schmeckt halt nur keinen Alkohol hahah
      Stimmt :-: wobei ich am liebsten sofort wieder zurückfliegen würde :x

  3. Sieht so aus als hattest du eine tolle Zeit in Tokio! Ich habe echt Nostalgie!!! ^__^