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Sonntag, 11. August 2013

Tokyo; Odaiba

haiiiii guys!
Yesterday we went to Odaiba!
I wanted to show nikyami the Gundam, the rainbow Bridge and well..Odaiba is a beautiful part of Tokyo.
If you have the chance to come to Japan. Visit Odaiba. It´s is worth it! :)
I´m not writing that much, am I? hahah so sorry...

So anyway. We took the train to Shimbashi...and we found ourselves in hell hahahah

We didn´t know about the Firework Festival in Odaiba! 
That´s why soooo many people wanted to go there too! :x

It was pretty horrible. Well the japanese have very good manners, so nobody was pushing or something, we all made a line to the train...but it was sooooo hot. August is kinda hell in Japan hahah
somehow I love it...but somehow not :x

So we stood in the line and took the train to Odaiba..
Finally we arrived! 

First we went to the beach.

So beautiful..

so many people hahaha...

We went through the streets :)

Fuji TV

There he is! :D


FIGHT with the Gundam Part2!! >8D muhaha

So we entered Zepp Diver City only for some food...We ate some curry..we didn´t want to get out our money but...awesome stores are everywhere here in Tokyo...

Naruto < 3
Sadly...there aren´t many Naruto gets this year in Japan D:


When we go back outside, it was dark and even more beautiful! :3


As we wanted to take the trai back to Shimbashi...we had to stand again in a huge line c.c

Anyway :3 
We had a wonderful day in Odaiba.

My gets :3
Headphones for which kyary had make cm last year < 3

I´ve bought the OnePiece Cd for nikyami :3
and myself the FREE! ending single *_*

I´ve tried my luck...I wanted Kakashi sooooo badly...just look how awesome he looks here ahah
but all I have got is...Jiraiya c.c

new phone gets :3 aren´t they lovely? < 3

Some kawaii gets :X

 Clothes < 3 

Soooooo that´s everything

Thank you for comment me!

See ya guys! :D < 3


  1. Taking trains in Tokyo can be pretty scary when there are too many people!

  2. Tolle Sachen hast du mitgenommen und der Gundam ist der Hammer!!! *__* Ich will da auch unbedingt hin.. GUNDAM!!! <3

    1. Den Gundam hab ich vermisst der ist so..."hübsch"? 8D und riesig <3

  3. Lovely pictures I love looking at travel posts hehe, hope to see more ^^ And wow so many people.

    恵美より ♥

    1. I will post more pictures in the coming days! :)
      sankyuu <3