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Mittwoch, 14. August 2013

Tokyo; Salon COCO in Shibuya & Harajuku

haiiiii guys.
Big sorry again!
Time is running so fast here in Tokyo! Can´t believe my plane back to Luxembourg will go next week...

nikyami and I wanted to get extensions. Beautiful long hair < 3
Soooo we were of on Monday to visit the Hair Salon CoCo in Shibuya which I´ve already visited last year.

with nikyami´s glasses...feeling intelligent and shit 8D

Well...we went to the Hair Salon and of course nobody was able to speak or understand english!
Lucky me..I have a japanese friend on twitter who helped me translate some sentences..
So finally we got our appointment! Thuesday, 2Pm. :D
We were sooooo happy hahaha
and hungry!

only for nikyami...raaaawr hahaha

After delicious food and a strange spicy...meat pizza...we did a tiny shopping tour :3
Loft and Shibuya109

Aaaaand I did it again...
GLAVIL has new Arrivals...they are sooooo pretty and cool!
I had to buy it hahah
This Shop Staff is the cutest ever! < 3 
She was so funny and as she saw my full poit card and my second one she was like "Ohhhhh?!UHA! SUGOII!" hahahah yes yes 8D I could work for you ;3;

So here are my gets from monday


nails and make up < 3 

our puris 8D

The happy Day is coming!! :DDDD
Time to become a beautiful butterfly...hahaha

wearing my new GLAVIL outfit :3

before visiting the hairdresser we took a break behind Hachiko < 3 

The moment came! We went to Salon CoCo.
I´ve got a very cute girl and nikyami has got a very pretty guy hahahah
and he is also a One Piece fan...perfect haha
Hair Salons are so different here...You are like a princess..They are so kind and gentle.
And...they do understand what I wanted xD 
My cute haidresser even used her Iphone to translate questions < 3 awwww

I wanted to get two single blonde/light brown extensions on each side...She understood my wish! *_*
Soooo we had
Colour, Cut and Extensions for aroung 14.752Yen
It´s about 109-120 euro...If my app works right it is 109 euro hahaha
It´s soooooo cheap and it is such a good quality! 
She eve styled my hair a bit so it would look perfect! < 3 
We were soooo happy 

After our visit there we went to the restaurant < 3

And nikyami wanted a top from GLAVIL, so we went back there again xD
The same shop staff...we had a partnerlook!*_*
Guess she was soooo happy hahah

Of course...we made some puris 8D

at the guesthouse :D

Same outfit, loooooong hair :Dv

Aaaaaand today we slept a bit longer...
so we only went to Harajuku :3
We wanted to buy some presents for our family members :3

Outfit of the day...again 8D 

Ohh I love Harajuku < 3 
cool people everywhere...and so many Visual Kei fans hahah < 3

No pictures of my gets! too lazy 8D 

So, Tokyo Tower is next! 

baibai :3 


  1. I'm loving your extensions and all of the cute gets! ^_^

  2. Awww you're perfect with your new extensions *u* the next time I will go to tokyo I'll go to the same hair dresser!

  3. I love your new Glavil set *0*<3 and the extensions look very beautiful on you :)

  4. So cute , I love the hoodie you got *__*

    恵美より ♥

    1. thank you ^_^ Glavil always makes cute stuff < 3

  5. The Glavil outfit looks so cute on you! <3

  6. beautiful long shiny hair *___* no more wigs

  7. omg.. das set steht dir so mega gut und die langen haare sind auch super. *__*

  8. thats really cute!! pretty ladies

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