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Freitag, 9. August 2013

Tokyo; Serikamacho < 3

haiiiii guys!

I didn´t tell you that much about sorry but I was so tired while writing the last entry xD

We went to Shibuya at the evening. We made some purikura as you already have seen. After we went again to the 270Yen Restaurant to eat something...and drink a "cocktail" hahah
Short visit to Shibuya109 but they were nearly about to close! >///< anyway we went to Glavil...and there was a blonde girl surrounded by other girls wearing GLAVIL clothes...My little hear as already beating pretty fast when I´ve seen the blonde hair...But I wasn´t sure about it...So we went in the GLAVIL store because nikyami wanted to buy the same Shirt as I have already...AND OMG
She was it!!!! I´ve completly ignored the world around me!
It was Serikamacho!!!!! *_________*

I saw her and stood next to her OMG 
She is one of my idols and she is sooooooo cute in real life omg >////<
My heart was beating so fast hahaha I felt like a little child...
I really wanted to talk to her..but she was already talking with all these japanese fans...
So I just stare at her...:x and was happy...ahaha

We went again to GladNews because nikyami wanted the same shirt as I have already in another colour...hahah again!
And I love the shopstaff there
She is soooooo pretty and nice! < 3 

After our shopping trip and finding my dream shoes! <  3

We took a break at Hachiko.
When suddenly a japanese man came to us
"HALLO, guten Abend! Sie wollen Essen und was trinken?!"
we were sooooo shocked about his good german skills HAHAHAH
He was SO funny omg xD 
He made some commercial for a bar or restaurant but we didn´t want so he was gone..

A few minutes later he came back, seeing us again
"Ah! Noch immer nicht? Es ist war deshou! Feuchtig deshou"
We died from our laughing attacks OMG XD


this is all...
we may visit the Tokyo Tower today...
maybe not because I´m so lazy today 8D



  1. Hachiko is a popular spot to get approached by all sorts of people... Some more creepy than others. At least you had a funny one! ^__^

  2. I love Seri-chan and also the Glad News shop staff is really cool, I also saw her the past year! Now I really want to see Serikamacho too ahahah!

    1. She is soooooo cute in real life omg >////<
      I was soooooo happy <3

  3. omg serikamacho is super cute >u< I would be super nervous to if I'd be standing next to her :o Does the japanese man who talked with you in english has got an accent? haha :D

    1. Ah he talked german to us xD hahaha It sounded pretty good but yeah with accent xD
      Yeah I was very nervous omg >//<