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Sonntag, 4. August 2013

Tokyo; Shinjuku and Meiji Shrine

haiiiii guys!
How are you?? < 3
Hopefully as fine as me!
Well I am a bit upset right now, because my camera is broken! DX All my own pictures of the visit to the Meiji Shrine today are gone...

Well...I want to start with our trip to Shinjuku yesterday. We went there for shopping...No Sky Gouvernement Building...NOT YET hahah

We made ourselves pretty :)

the awesome moment when your lenses will not move with the rest of your eyeball hahaha

my outfit :3 

Here we are, in Shinjuku! :D 

First direction, ALTA! Shopping Center. 

Of course there is a GLAVIL Store < 3 
Ohhh so much love! 
The Shopstaff was so nice and funny :3 

My first point card is full! :DD
She wrote my name on the new Card with a tiny heart < 3 haha so cute :)
And she said my name right haha yes!

Fernopaa shop staff! Of course I found a cool shirt there too.
She also took a picture of nikyami and me but I don´t find it yet ;3;

After this shopping trip we went through the streets of Shinjuku to search for food..

270Yen Restaurant!! < 3 

Kanpai! ;)

We had a young "boy" whatever..he served us when suddenly...the cutie talked with us in english hahaha
And I mean...PERFECT english xD 
God he was such a cutiepie *A* Motherfeelings hahah
He was quite nice and the food and drink were very welcome!

We also made some puris :)

No time to decorate this one ._.

I love this one :x 

We returned at the guesthouse in the evening :) are my gets from Shinjuku! 

-Skirt (Sale)
-Shirt (Arrival)
I´ve also bought the silver cross dress (I am wearing the red one on the pictures, it is the one from nikyami..but she gave it to me so I have bought her the silver one :D)
Oh I got the cool GLAVIL pillow! It is a little present. If you buy stuff there around 10.500 yen, you will get it for free...hahahyeay < 3 

the necklace < 3 


Random Shop which name I don´t remember haha

So far! 

Today we went to the Meiji Shrine in Harajuku.

Afterwards we ate some crepe again and went McDonalds hahahah
< 3 



  1. Aww to bad that your own camera broke :O:( But the pictures are very nice! you look cute ^^ Love the big bow <3

    1. yeah! I was so upset hahah But I´ve got a new one today in Akihabara :3
      Thank you! <3

  2. Ohw >< du siehst so hübsch aus, ich mag das Outfit total!
    Und wirklich pech hast du D : aber sowas versaut einen nicht den trip ><!!

    1. Dankeschön >///< <3
      Hahah nein! Aber ich war echt sauer...meine eigenen Fotos und Videos sind alle weg! Aber hab jetzt ne neue gekauft :X

  3. awww, that's such a pity that your camera broke :'c you look like a japanese gal haha ^-~*
    You both look really cute~!! :3

    1. Yeah ;3; poor camera...
      ahhhhw really?? sankyuu <3<3

  4. Super awesome pictures ! *---*
    Please make more coordinates love everything you bought T^T

    Huh ~

    Have fun :3 I hope you can find a very good new camera!

    1. Thank you!
      I will do my very best to make some cool and cute coordinates hahah

      Thank you cutie <3 I have bought a new one >8D

  5. T^T omggg I wish I was back in Tokyo too~ you seem to be having a lot of fun and meeting a lot of cool people xD I'm so curious to hear more about the cute guy you met at Hachiko!! ;D Are you going to go on a date or what? xD

    1. hahah no no!
      He was very nice! But I didn´t go on the date...My friend didn´t want to and I was sooooo tired because of the SCREW concert hahah maybe the next guy who has the courage to ask me in Shibuya hahah xD

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  7. Thanks for sharing! I feel nostalgic reading your post. ^__^ Tokyo is such an amazing place, and it's awesome that you are having a fantastic time! Love your outfit! Shop till you drop!!! >__<

    1. hahah thank you so much!
      Yeah Tokyo is like a WONDERLAND haha everything is cool, amazing or cute!

  8. awww :>

    You're so cute *.*
    "Random Shop which name I don´t remember" ? haha , awensome C: I want this! :<

  9. Das mit der kamera ist ja wirklich total ärgerlich! X___X Ich glaube das hätte mich auch erstmal richtig sauer gemacht. ;__;
    Deine Outifts sind wie immer toll und die Bilder vom Meiji Schrein sind wirklich wunderschön. *__*