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Donnerstag, 8. August 2013

Tokyo; Ueno Zoo, Asakusa, Tokyo Sky Tree and the Pokemon Center with Shibuya! :D

haiiiiii guys!
Sorry for taking so long for this entry! But we went back hom ea bit later than usual so I was pretty tired and didn´t want to make an entry...GOMENASAI >///<
But this one is going to be very big! With many pictures < 3

Let´s start with the Ueno Zoo! :)

We went to Ueno to see the Ueno Zoo and the Parc...and afterwards we wanted to visit Asakusa..HAHAH
Best joke ever...Well the weather was very hot! And we arrived in Ueno. Everything was fine. We have seen almost every animal, the whole zoo when it suddenly started to rain heavly! c.c
So we sadly had to end our trip through Ueno sooner...And no Asakusa for that day either..
But here are some pictures from the Ueno Zoo :3

Outfit of that Day 8D

looking like a boy hahaha

nikyami with her new friend 8D

this bird just looks like the one from Zelda Skyward Sword! < 3

PANDA *___*

yeeeay headbang...cutie xD

So far! As I said, we went back home in the rain...or storm! 
Horrible hahah

The next day we went to Asakusa, to see the Sensoji Temple :3 
After this we went to the Tokyo Sky Tree which is quite near to the Asakusa Station. 
nikyami wanted to go up the Sky Tree..I didn´t want .____. 
Anyway I am glad we did because I hadn´t the chance last year!
350m...holy shit that´s high!
Here are the pictures! :)

Outfit of the day :3
GLAVIL hahah

Seems to tiny..hahah nope

up we go!

High High in the sky! >___>

after our long adventures, we went to KFC for some Krushers < 3

kyary cm *___*

Here are my gets! :D 

And the last one!
We went to Hamamatsucho to visit the Pokemon Center :3
It´s a paradise! ohhhh beloved childhood < 3 
but the music wasn´t the same as the one last year! D: 
Last year they had only the annoying pokemon center music...not this time hahah

In front of the Pokemon Center! :D 

Afterwards we went to Shibuya in the evening.
Shibuya is sooooo pretty in the night! With all the lights < 3

Softbank cm!! *___*

My gets! :3

I´m in love with the snake < 3

GladNews < 3

Pokemon Center Gets


And! OMG
We went in a tiny shop! 
With cosmetics and stuff...and they had these 3 Dolly Wink Bags!
LOOK AT THE PRICES! I´ve got all these products for around 3,000Yen!! 
hahahah I´ve bought every bag hahah xD

And...I fell in love with shoes...This ones...

I´ve got the last L size ones! *A* 

oh...pokemon cookies hahah

We also made some puris...
the quality is bad but yeah, here they are :3
Ah! nikyami and I wore a twin GLAVIL outfit :Dv
the GLAVILshopstuff was soooooo happy about it hahah
´s half past 2 in the night...I´m very hungry and tired.
Off to a konbini and sleeping hahah



  1. Aww, I love your new shoes too! *o*'


    1. hahah they are sooooo cool right?*_*

  2. I miss Tokyo so much ToT thank you for sharing so many wonderful pictures! I love your purchases and you look always so cuteeee *v*

  3. Echt tolle Bilder *__* Besonder die aus dem Tierpark sind so toll, da will ich unbedingt auch mal hin! Wie viele Tage bist du jetzt eigentlich insgesammt in Tokyo?
    Wow, das mit den Dolly Wink Sets ist ja mal echt Glück! Die Preise sind unschlagbar!!!