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Sonntag, 29. September 2013

this silence is mine~

haaiii guys!
I'm very sorry to be this late..I wanted to write a new blog entry a while ago but some things just happened and I didn't get the time to do it..and the motivation. My mother is seriously sick since a week...(she's better now) and so I have to do more things at home and helped my father. I also started with my last internship! I'm working with cute little babies now! But only for 4 more weeks ;3; so sad..
Well I'm working for 8-9 hours 4 days...quite hard! All I did when I went home last week was playing skyrim hahaha fell in love with this game again < 3

Anyway! I want to start with something nice now :)
Last friday a very cute friend from Luxembourg came to my place. First she wanted to go to Paris with other friends, to see the GazettE there.. She already had the Ticket, the train and hotel...but she didn't go xD" Her motivation for this concert was gone two days before the concert!! She loves Gazette but same as me..she lost more and more love/interest in the concert and the band because of the shitty fandom. It's horrible. she enjoyed a LIVE DVD night at my place~ so clean up my room! like a boss...sadly short time after this my mother went to the hospital...

 We watched a SCREW and a Gazette concert..We even headbanged and made the furis..hahaha We had a great privat concert night xD somehow~ we talked a lot and she's like a mini me oô somehow...we have the same attitude towards many things...Finally a person I can talk about EVERYthing..hahah not only VK...but also about the life, school, friends, love or family...She's really a smart girl! :) Oh one funny moment...We watched the Gazette's live and she loves Kai the most... "Oh my god...I would give everything to get his drumset..It would be so great if he could teach me how to play drums!" (she's playing drums) I was shocked xD Most wild fangirls are just like " OMFG KAI YOU LOOK SO FUCKING HOT I WANNA MAKE LOVE WITH YA" you know what I mean? xD All she wanted...the drums..xD

we slept until 4pm...hohoho
stalker picture 8D

Last monday was the registration of the japanese classes...
Tomorrow will start my second year of japanese! >8D
can't wait to learn more!

what else..?
My grey and black circle lenses arrived!! ;3;
I've ordered them from uniqso!
I love the shop pretty much because they are always kind and helping out if there are problems or questions!

I will make a tiny review about them in another entry.
but here is a preview~



I've also tried a fernopaa outfit :)
just shitty edited with lincamera xDD

jacket & onepiece shirt; fernopaa

 I love the guns on the arms < 3

random picture~

On saturday I went shopping with my dad!
He wanted to show me a sushi bar in a shopping mall...
jacket & tshirt; fernopaa
tights; tutu anna
necklace; glavil

omfg the maki SO good < 3 
AND the best thing...THEY HAVE RAMUNE!
OMFG I've missed it so much < 3

 My dad annoyed me a lot with superdry hahaha
He is alwys like "You don't have anything from superdry! But it's japanese!! There is TOKYO written on it! I need to buy you some clothes from superdry" dad is crazy sometimes...superdry is quite expensive..but I couldn't resist xD
hat, scarf and sweater < 3

-sweater; superdry
-skirt; glavil
-tights; tutu anna

and one picture with the hat 8D it's so fluffy inside < 3 

so far...

I'm planning something special for the next entry...
coming soon! 

you guys know the game Drakengard or Drag-on Dragoon?
After almost 10 years!! They made a third part!! OMFG
looking forward to it and I hope they will make it for western countries too! ;3;
the song is so beautiful < 3 

Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

Purple Make~

haiiii guys~
how are you doing? ^_^
Just a short entry about a make up try (with bad quality pictures)
I love this purple/violet eye make from Shino pretty much!
So I've tried some kind of eye make too!
I didn't try to look exactly like him.
I also tried this kind of hairstyle...I was lazy so it doesn't look the same but more like an "ania-version" of it xD"
Don't hate me! 

I didn't edit these pictures~

I really like it somehow!
Violet is my favorite colour so it fits haha

I've got some requests on ask if I could make an MakeUp tutorial.
I don't know what's in the mind of others...I don't think my makeup is anything really special!
I only try to look a bit pretty and cute. That's quite all...
If you guys really want to make me a tutorial..please let me know.
I mean..I'm very honored that guys are asking me out to do one!
So...let me know (:

Here is the outfit (:
onepiece; world wide love
knee socks; H&M
Shoes; Shibuya109

quite short you think? 

Well let me tell you the japanese way of wearing fashion like this..
Finally I've bought one of these this summer in Tokyo!
Nobody is going to see my panties muhahah >8D

random pictures~

look at the cute ribbon!
I've got it from a very beloved friend <3 nbsp="" p="">
thank you domi! < 3

Hope you like my purple make up hahaa,I do!
And I kinda like the hairstyle...somehow 8D

And I want to give all the new readers a huge THANK YOU
for reading my blog!! 
I am so happy to reach 120 Readers already...! ;3;

my boyfriend likes to send me random pictures!
Of food, himself or even the places he is at the moment < 3 
ahhh I'm missing Tokyo even more :3:
He's working in Shinjuku...oh my...god~haha

I want to be with him so badly .3.

So far!
oh I love yuki's voice < 3


Dienstag, 10. September 2013

Outfits and last week~

haiiiii guys~
the title is stupid..I am so sorry hahaha
is the weather in your country as shitty as it is here?
It's raining all day long...
damn you weather!! I want spring or summer again ;___;

Let's start with my shopping trip to Aachen~ 
My dad has got the great idea to went shopping with me~ 
(yeah sometimes he's really great)
didn't even took the time to edit this picture haha
Shirt & Skirt; GLAVIL
bag; GLAVIL (but you can't see it muha)
Off we were~ I like Aachen (: 
It's pretty and the shops are quite interesting...and I was searching for some boots...
Anyway, I didn't took pictures but here are my gets! Not as much as I planned haha
...I am very sorry but I don't remember the name of the shop oô
but they have a pink cute bunny haha

found these boots in a tiny shop..they were so cheap that even my dad was fine with them >8D

Of course some Mangas...
You know what...
NARUTO SD OMFG I am so happy!

here are the lovely boots < 3

Last friday I went to the japanese restaurant < 3 
The food isn't that japanese..but it's very delicious! 
and the waitress is pregnant ;3; she is sooooo cute and asked me about Japan.
Ohhh she is so nice < 3 always making compliments...that's how you will get more costumers! >8D
I tried to put some "waves" in my hair hahaa only on the bottom :)

put on some false nails < 3
Alice in Wonderland~

I decided to take other shoes..
Shoes; unknown from a shop in shibuya109

When I am bored...I love to try out new make up or something
the result~

Wearing circle lenses from i.fairy, Ruby Red.
Upper Lashes are from eyemazing (one of kyarys)
lower lashes are from Dolly Wink.

I like those lower lashes and I'll try more things with them hahah

I also went to a DogShow here in Luxembourg.
It's once in a year and there are sooooo many prettry dogs!
Who is the most beautiful and adorable dog! hahah
Akita~ < 3 
Omfg there were so many Akitas and Shibas!! *___*
I stalked them like crazy hahaha

My many of my dreamdogs
PUNCH ME IN DA DICK! *brofist*
It's sooooo cute >///<

look at this cutie...I guess it's a sheltie..She was like "Take me! Cuddle me! "
ohhh < 3

I took care of a cute chihuahua...Sadly it isn't mine ._.
Her name is Kira...(I was like...OMFG Light from Death Note is reborn as a chihuahua and is going to kill me! D: )

Yesterday I've found dreamy shoes...some kind they are jfashion like 
aren't they pretty mucho cool? 8D

what else...
today's outfit;

wearing my cute bunny tights which I've bought in Japan :x

random picture of me with my Glavil top :x

Well well~
As I said in my last entry, I am no longer single (who's following me on twitter will know)
I've got the cutest Gentleman on this planet and he makes me happy every day < 3
sorry for the little spam here :x but I still can't believe it hahah