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Sonntag, 1. September 2013

Meet some friends/Outfits~

haiiiii guys!
I'm some of you like my gets ^__^
thank you for all the comments!

So my life here in Luxembourg is kinda...boring? Or well, let's say, relax~
I've met some friends last week and enjoy my time with them :)

Let's start with my sleepover at nikyami's place!
We made the same stuff as usual xD Having fun and making burgers 8D I've got the great idea to make a video with her. So we made a tiny Naruto Opening 2 MV. It's sooooo stupid! nikyami even fell while our performance XD best part of  the video hahahah anyway!
her cute kitty cats :3 

still stupid...

here are our burgers! omfg always so delicious hahaa

We enjoyed also a new game...okay it's an old game but she just bought it xD
Project Zero 2
She played and I just watched but it seems to be a nice/scary game! 

My make-up and outfit in some pictures! 
somehow I feel pretty arrogant on this picture ._. sorry!
I am not arrogant! not in a single way!

I've put my lenses out before I went to nikyami's place :x

most kawaii smile ever, ya know?!

 and my outfit! 
-Shirt; Kazuki/SCREW designed shirt 
-skirt; unknown brand
-shoes; COCOLULU

Shopping day with my mother
What should I say?
It was a normal day xD
my outfit

-Top&Skirt; GLADNEWS
-Shoes; don't remember c.c

I've used my new DollyWink Eyeshadow...but sadly you can't see any shit on pictures ;3;

Last friday I've met another friend.
Ohw I've missed her! ;3;
We went to McDonald's...delicious big mac 8D

home again I've worked on my purikura book :3
I'm still not done! Dx

Yesterday, so on saturday I've met a very cute girl who I've met a few months ago on a concert here in Luxembourg! We saw each other again on other concerts and I am SO happy to have a person like her here in my country! She loves VisualKei/JRock! *___* Finally I've someone in my own country to talk to! ;3;
And she has another friend (I know her too) who is the same *__* 
Best, she has made her own little shop now...JRock Dolls! OMFG
She makes Jrock dolls. You can order a doll of your beloved rocker!
She made a Jin (SCREW) doll for me :) 
It costs 20€ and OMG I love my little jin < 3

I've met her in the city. First she needed to buy new stuff to make dolls. Next project is Reita...OMFG
After this short shopping trip we went to SmooJo. Frozen Yoghurt OHH yeah!
< 3 

We talked a lot about our beloved bands...SCREW and the Gazette hahaha
about how they changed, about the "fangirls" and their music
It felt so damn good to talk with somebody about all these stuff!
I was so happy!

Now...brace is my cute jin! < 3
I've ordered Jin in his Biran look...It's perfect, isn't it?! *A*

Here is the new family member...hohoho

I love him, I am so happy *_*
If you want to take a look at her dolls or maybe to make an order..
here is her page, she is really nice and make the dolls with lots of love! :3

-Top; the GazettExDisney Melt
-pants, shoes, bag, hat; COCOLULU

So far...

Today was a very happy day...for me...
I still can't belive it and my stomache is still hurting (positive pain hahaa)
Sexy, free and no more single~ 



  1. Aaawww die Doll ist ja super genial *__* Ich will auch *schmelz*

  2. Aww, I love your makeup and your outfits are so cool.

    bai, Shiki

  3. Ich mag dein Make-up total! *-*
    Freut mich, dass du jemanden gefunden hast, mit dem du dich über Musik etc. unterhalten kannst. :3

    1. Dankeschön :D
      Ja ich bin so glücklich *^*