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Dienstag, 10. September 2013

Outfits and last week~

haiiiii guys~
the title is stupid..I am so sorry hahaha
is the weather in your country as shitty as it is here?
It's raining all day long...
damn you weather!! I want spring or summer again ;___;

Let's start with my shopping trip to Aachen~ 
My dad has got the great idea to went shopping with me~ 
(yeah sometimes he's really great)
didn't even took the time to edit this picture haha
Shirt & Skirt; GLAVIL
bag; GLAVIL (but you can't see it muha)
Off we were~ I like Aachen (: 
It's pretty and the shops are quite interesting...and I was searching for some boots...
Anyway, I didn't took pictures but here are my gets! Not as much as I planned haha
...I am very sorry but I don't remember the name of the shop oô
but they have a pink cute bunny haha

found these boots in a tiny shop..they were so cheap that even my dad was fine with them >8D

Of course some Mangas...
You know what...
NARUTO SD OMFG I am so happy!

here are the lovely boots < 3

Last friday I went to the japanese restaurant < 3 
The food isn't that japanese..but it's very delicious! 
and the waitress is pregnant ;3; she is sooooo cute and asked me about Japan.
Ohhh she is so nice < 3 always making compliments...that's how you will get more costumers! >8D
I tried to put some "waves" in my hair hahaa only on the bottom :)

put on some false nails < 3
Alice in Wonderland~

I decided to take other shoes..
Shoes; unknown from a shop in shibuya109

When I am bored...I love to try out new make up or something
the result~

Wearing circle lenses from i.fairy, Ruby Red.
Upper Lashes are from eyemazing (one of kyarys)
lower lashes are from Dolly Wink.

I like those lower lashes and I'll try more things with them hahah

I also went to a DogShow here in Luxembourg.
It's once in a year and there are sooooo many prettry dogs!
Who is the most beautiful and adorable dog! hahah
Akita~ < 3 
Omfg there were so many Akitas and Shibas!! *___*
I stalked them like crazy hahaha

My many of my dreamdogs
PUNCH ME IN DA DICK! *brofist*
It's sooooo cute >///<

look at this cutie...I guess it's a sheltie..She was like "Take me! Cuddle me! "
ohhh < 3

I took care of a cute chihuahua...Sadly it isn't mine ._.
Her name is Kira...(I was like...OMFG Light from Death Note is reborn as a chihuahua and is going to kill me! D: )

Yesterday I've found dreamy shoes...some kind they are jfashion like 
aren't they pretty mucho cool? 8D

what else...
today's outfit;

wearing my cute bunny tights which I've bought in Japan :x

random picture of me with my Glavil top :x

Well well~
As I said in my last entry, I am no longer single (who's following me on twitter will know)
I've got the cutest Gentleman on this planet and he makes me happy every day < 3
sorry for the little spam here :x but I still can't believe it hahah



  1. haha the things you bought there are soo cute *-*
    It's adorable how you fangirl over your boyfriend haha~ I wish I would have a bf too ><


    1. Thank you!
      ahh I am glad you aren't angry about my fangirl moments ;3;
      I bet there will come a cute boy/man for you too!! You are a nice and cute girl!

  2. congrats for your boyfriend *__* I wish you the best ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Soo cute outfits! You always look so cute *O*
    Also congrats on no longer being single~! I'm so jelly kekeke,, I hope you two'll be happy!

    1. Thank you very much!
      I try my best to make him happy :D

  4. Alles Gute für deine Beziehung. <3

    Deine Sachen sehen toll aus und ich finde deine Outfits so toll *__*

  5. loooove your new shoes! I've been looking for "nice ones" like these for so long and now you found the perfect pair! :D
    I'm glad for you, that you found such a nice gentlemen boyfriend :)

    1. I've found them in a Shop in Mersch...muhahaha >8D
      Sometimes Luxembourg rules~ xD
      Thank you :x

  6. love all of your outfit!! esp those bunny tights
    btw i tagged u for liebster blog award..