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Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

Purple Make~

haiiii guys~
how are you doing? ^_^
Just a short entry about a make up try (with bad quality pictures)
I love this purple/violet eye make from Shino pretty much!
So I've tried some kind of eye make too!
I didn't try to look exactly like him.
I also tried this kind of hairstyle...I was lazy so it doesn't look the same but more like an "ania-version" of it xD"
Don't hate me! 

I didn't edit these pictures~

I really like it somehow!
Violet is my favorite colour so it fits haha

I've got some requests on ask if I could make an MakeUp tutorial.
I don't know what's in the mind of others...I don't think my makeup is anything really special!
I only try to look a bit pretty and cute. That's quite all...
If you guys really want to make me a tutorial..please let me know.
I mean..I'm very honored that guys are asking me out to do one!
So...let me know (:

Here is the outfit (:
onepiece; world wide love
knee socks; H&M
Shoes; Shibuya109

quite short you think? 

Well let me tell you the japanese way of wearing fashion like this..
Finally I've bought one of these this summer in Tokyo!
Nobody is going to see my panties muhahah >8D

random pictures~

look at the cute ribbon!
I've got it from a very beloved friend <3 nbsp="" p="">
thank you domi! < 3

Hope you like my purple make up hahaa,I do!
And I kinda like the hairstyle...somehow 8D

And I want to give all the new readers a huge THANK YOU
for reading my blog!! 
I am so happy to reach 120 Readers already...! ;3;

my boyfriend likes to send me random pictures!
Of food, himself or even the places he is at the moment < 3 
ahhh I'm missing Tokyo even more :3:
He's working in Shinjuku...oh my...god~haha

I want to be with him so badly .3.

So far!
oh I love yuki's voice < 3



  1. beautiful pics and the make up fits you well! :D

  2. Der Stil steht dir richtig gut und das Make up mag ich auch. Ich finde die Farbe total schön. ^^

  3. Purple is a great color for your face, it suits you well :3
    I love how you can actually do a Japanese GUY inspired make-up look; imagine some western people wear that kind of make up and it's a no no but Japanese can get away with it somehow 8D

    And please do a tutorial! I will be looking forward to it ^^

  4. I love the purple make up *_* it suits you really well ♡♡

  5. Shino is a girl thoooooooooooooough