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Sonntag, 29. September 2013

this silence is mine~

haaiii guys!
I'm very sorry to be this late..I wanted to write a new blog entry a while ago but some things just happened and I didn't get the time to do it..and the motivation. My mother is seriously sick since a week...(she's better now) and so I have to do more things at home and helped my father. I also started with my last internship! I'm working with cute little babies now! But only for 4 more weeks ;3; so sad..
Well I'm working for 8-9 hours 4 days...quite hard! All I did when I went home last week was playing skyrim hahaha fell in love with this game again < 3

Anyway! I want to start with something nice now :)
Last friday a very cute friend from Luxembourg came to my place. First she wanted to go to Paris with other friends, to see the GazettE there.. She already had the Ticket, the train and hotel...but she didn't go xD" Her motivation for this concert was gone two days before the concert!! She loves Gazette but same as me..she lost more and more love/interest in the concert and the band because of the shitty fandom. It's horrible. she enjoyed a LIVE DVD night at my place~ so clean up my room! like a boss...sadly short time after this my mother went to the hospital...

 We watched a SCREW and a Gazette concert..We even headbanged and made the furis..hahaha We had a great privat concert night xD somehow~ we talked a lot and she's like a mini me oô somehow...we have the same attitude towards many things...Finally a person I can talk about EVERYthing..hahah not only VK...but also about the life, school, friends, love or family...She's really a smart girl! :) Oh one funny moment...We watched the Gazette's live and she loves Kai the most... "Oh my god...I would give everything to get his drumset..It would be so great if he could teach me how to play drums!" (she's playing drums) I was shocked xD Most wild fangirls are just like " OMFG KAI YOU LOOK SO FUCKING HOT I WANNA MAKE LOVE WITH YA" you know what I mean? xD All she wanted...the drums..xD

we slept until 4pm...hohoho
stalker picture 8D

Last monday was the registration of the japanese classes...
Tomorrow will start my second year of japanese! >8D
can't wait to learn more!

what else..?
My grey and black circle lenses arrived!! ;3;
I've ordered them from uniqso!
I love the shop pretty much because they are always kind and helping out if there are problems or questions!

I will make a tiny review about them in another entry.
but here is a preview~



I've also tried a fernopaa outfit :)
just shitty edited with lincamera xDD

jacket & onepiece shirt; fernopaa

 I love the guns on the arms < 3

random picture~

On saturday I went shopping with my dad!
He wanted to show me a sushi bar in a shopping mall...
jacket & tshirt; fernopaa
tights; tutu anna
necklace; glavil

omfg the maki SO good < 3 
AND the best thing...THEY HAVE RAMUNE!
OMFG I've missed it so much < 3

 My dad annoyed me a lot with superdry hahaha
He is alwys like "You don't have anything from superdry! But it's japanese!! There is TOKYO written on it! I need to buy you some clothes from superdry" dad is crazy sometimes...superdry is quite expensive..but I couldn't resist xD
hat, scarf and sweater < 3

-sweater; superdry
-skirt; glavil
-tights; tutu anna

and one picture with the hat 8D it's so fluffy inside < 3 

so far...

I'm planning something special for the next entry...
coming soon! 

you guys know the game Drakengard or Drag-on Dragoon?
After almost 10 years!! They made a third part!! OMFG
looking forward to it and I hope they will make it for western countries too! ;3;
the song is so beautiful < 3 


  1. I also like Kai the most because he is smiling so often. ;_; <3
    Lucky you for getting some ramune und superdry clothes from your Dad. *_*
    And I hope your Mum will recover soon!

    1. yeah.. Kai's smiling face is the best! :) It's so cute < 3
      Yeah! I was so glad to see Ramune there! xD
      Thank you, it's getting better.

  2. Love your outfits it very very cute ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. I can understand your friend so well.... Dir en grey is my absolutely favorite band and I love them so much and I like Die so much... but everytime I look at him on a live DVD, I wish he could teach me how to play the guitar so fuck'n amazing!!! >____<

    1. hahah it's so cute to hear fans talking this way! Because most people only look at the beauty factor of a band. some don't even listen to their music. "Oh..They are hot, I love them < 3" ya know? xD