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Samstag, 19. Oktober 2013

baibai extensions & recent gets~(✿◠‿◠)

haiii guys~!
How are you doing? Very sorry for my delay! Internship is stessful, I was sick the whole week and yeah...I'm busy with writing/talking to my boyfriend :x
Thank you all so far for telling me which make up tutorial you want to see! I'm gonna make it in my next holiday (so in two weeks) Until have still time to vote and help me out! ;)

Today I want to show you my latest gets and as some of you may know already, my hair is short again!

My extensions were about 2-3 months old. I love them! They were better made as last year but they weren't pretty anymore ;3;
here is the result...short hair~
I kinda like short hair too..
my boyfriend like it too but he want me to let me hair grown..
no problem honey, I want so too! |D

So what's new~ 
I've made a order at Sheinside in september.
It's a very huge online shop with so many pretty and cool clothes! 
But because of Japan my wallet was quite empty so I took it easy~
I've choose the free shipping methode so it should take around 15 days to come to Luxembourg...BUT
It took a whole month...Well...the package was very safe and the clothes are great, so I'm fine with :)

the grey jacket fits perfectly to my seifuku! :D

Thanks to my father I've found a "shop" which sells Ramune! *___*
and so delicious make/sushi and stuff..omfg < 3 

After a while a new game came into my heart < 3 
I've watched pewdiepie playing this, and I fell in love with it at the first part xD 
So I wanted to buy it myself..but my father paid for me ;3; 
I don't know why but thanks a lot dad! < 3 
the game is totally amazing!!
The story, the graphics, the gameplay...I fell in love~!

And of course~
I'm pretty sure most of you guys have the game too..

How about you dear readers?? Do you got your copy already??
The game is sooooo kawaii~!! 
They changed so many things! but it's still Pokemon < 3 
And you can even catch Pokemon from every edition!! 
too many awesome pokemon to catch hahaha

finally < 3 

my heart had a wild doki doki moment yesterday night!
Hitomi from the band Moran, wrote "Good night" in many languages but not in luxemburgish...
so I've told him...
And he answered me!! OA O;)
I was shocked hahahah but so cute "Merci~" hahah

Since years I'm a fan of the VK Band DangerGang!
I love them and the girls are very nice and cool!
Sometimes I'm writing them on twitter..and Waka often answers me!! *___*
I'm always so happy when waka-chan answers my tweets < 3

She sent me this when I was in Tokyo ;3;
god it made me so happy!! I woke up with this message! 

She's soooo cool >///<

oh and another one wrote me!!
This time the very popular SexPotRevenge Shop Stuff and Model, 
sure some of you know her!
I started following her on twitter and..suddenly...
she thanks me for following her...;_____: OMFG

things like that are making me very happy < 3 

I'm sorry about this boring entry!!
I have still many things to plan and to do! 
but I'll try to write about something more special the next time.

You know what...?
Halloween is near~


  1. wow, so nice gets and I'm happy for you, that so Hitomi and the others answered your tweets! *__* I'd have been so excited! and the short hair looks sooo cute on you! ;A;

    1. Thank you very much! <3
      yeah I'm always sooo happy when I receive an answer >o<

  2. So cool they answered your tweets *O*
    Also, super cute new clothes. Good luck on growing your hair out!

  3. Ich bin auch immer so happy wenn mir bestimmte Leute auf meine Tweets antworten oder einen favorisieren. *__* Die kurzen Haare stehen dir auch gut~ <3

  4. Have fun playing the games, I've seen good reviews. ^^

  5. Also ich finde dir stehen kurze Haare auch gut! :) Aber die Herren mögen meistens lange Haare. xD
    Ist beyond wirklich so cool? :) Ich stand neulich davor und habe überlegt, ob ich es mir kaufen soll oder nicht. xD
    Ah und ich bin zwar nicht bei twitter, aber ich kann mir vorstellen, dass es cool ist, wenn einem auf seine tweets und so geantwortet wird. ^^

    1. Ja LEIDER! hahaha mein Freund findest es zwar hübsch...aber er meinte sofort "Bitte lass sie wieder wachsen, ja? D:" hahahah Männer!
      Beyond ist ein super Spiel!! Ich habs gestern durchgespielt bekommen und..omfg es ist großartig!