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Sonntag, 10. November 2013

LOKA concert 2013/11/8 [Luxembourg]

haiiii guys~
How are you doing?? First of all sorry! I didn't make the tutorial yet! I wasn't in the mood of doing it and some stuff came up on my last holidays, but I will make one! Promise!

Last friday was the LOKA concert at RockBox here in Luxembourg!
Some of you may know Loka already?

A friend from Germany has told me about them and so I watched and listened to some of their MV's..
They sound very good! 
Best thing, the event was for FREE!
My german friend, Sabrina, is a huge fan of them and already saw them in Cologne last week.
She came to me on friday to join the concert here in Luxembourg too :) 

I've met her early in the morning at the capital city and took her to my place.
We talked a lot and went to McDonald's 8D She figured out that the food is more expensive here than it is in Germany~ yeay LUXEMBOURG hahaha
our food >8D fuck yeah! I regret NOTHING hahahah

Afterwards we went back home to make us ready for the concert~!

Here is my outfit for the concert~
perfect outfit to make party! 8D
of course I took of the cap to headbang like hell!

Together with Sabrina :3 < 3

I've took the car and we arrived at the venue quite early...
Best thing about this concert...all my precious friends were there too < 3 

I love making party with them!! < 3 

More and more people arrived at the venue, from Germany, France, Belgium~
We were about...well 20-25 people?
They had a band before Loka...and nobody knows them! xD 
So we were standing just around..perfect moment to buy merch >8D

I'm glad Sabrina could stand in the first row! I stood with my friends in the second one...and we got so annoyed by a drunken girl!! She was jumping like crazy into us!! With hands, arms, legs and even with the elbow! I even saw her jumping with her hand in the neck of my friend like crazy...
Everybody can make party in their own way...BUT to hurt others who doesn't want to do the same, RESPECT them please! Everyone should make party the way they want to!
Even Kihiro, the vocalist, said so after 2 fucking songs! -____- But the girl didn't stop! 
Anyway...We enjoyed the concert!
Their music is pretty awesome, you can make party hard with these guys!

Oh, they also played a very emotional song...the first and second row hold hands just like a was amazing! Go on Luxembourg! haha
Sabrina was so touched by that..she started crying...I'm really glad she had a great concert here ^_^
The concert started about..10pm...and was done at almost midnight hahaha
They only played around 9 songs...
Oh btw...everytime the stupid drunk girl hit somebody really badly, Kihiro touched the head of the girl who got hit and was like "Are you okay?" Nice~ 

They gave an encore of two songs and than the concert was over~
time for our autographs~! :D 
Everyone who bought merch could get autographs.

I've bought the CD and two Chekis (and the Tour Shirt) but I will never let members signing on my shirt hahah
The guys are really cute and gentle! 
Handshaking, smalltalk~ I was very happy! All my friends enjoyed the night too < 3 
After the signing session some german girls (and the drunk annoying girl) were asking for a hug and a picture with them. So they went with them on stage to make pictures...Perfect chance for my friends and myself >8D 
I'm looking horrible but we made party it's okay xD 
My body still hurts...poor neck..haha

Rawwwr, I'm so glad Midori(Lynn) is with me on the picture ;3; I love her so so much <  3
(she's the girl with the blue hair 8D)

Oh right!
A staff from Loka was about to take the instruments from the stage and Sabrina wanted a drumstick so badly..hahaa BUT she can't speak any japanese...So she asked me and my friends..but they didn't want to (ashamed hahaha)
So I did XD 
Poor cute little staff guy...As soon as I said "すみません..." (sumimasen; sorry, excuse me)
he looked at me like "OMFG...She's speaking with me?!" HAHA
Sadly none of the sticks were broken, so he couldn't give me one. At least he was very nice! (japanese ftw ~)

We put our things together and went to the car. It was pretty late, midori was tired as shit and well...the weather was still horrible xD

We arrived at my place around 1am..or even a bit later.

with my cute midori < 3 
I've stalked her for years and finally met her a few month ago for the first time! xDD

merch :3

 my wall of

Ah! You may have recognized that I've dyed my hair again..
Finally back to..."darkbrown" hahah

and...already over two months with my darling (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

If you guys have questions or want to tell me something anonymously, please feel free to visit my profile...
If you also have an account there, please tell me :)

I had a great night last friday with all my friends and a pretty special band!
here some of the songs they've played.


Freitag, 1. November 2013

Happy Halloween~

haiiiiiiii guys~!!
Did you have a great halloween??
I had! Mine was quite perfect hahahaa

I've met the quite Judith in the city yesterday with one of her friends (they are soooo awesome haha)
I can talk with them about Jrock, Kpop, Jpop, Anime,Manga, Japan, Fashion...about almost everything~!
So we went to Judith's place to make us creeeeeepy~

We wanted to meet nikyami at the party location. 
Time for our outfits and make up!
Judith's and my "new friend" haha made my creepy mouth < 3 always wanted to do one!! >8D

le me in the background and there is the beautiful judith :Dv

 picture spam~
hope you like my halloween look~ 

 my outfit~

here we are~ Judith and Sharon made a "mexican...ghost..or something" hahah their make up looked fabulous! *_* 

So far~
We were ready for the party~ soon as we arrived we were like WTF. SO many people haha
and we arrived quite early!
Well..we made a picture together and waited in front of the RockBox for nikyami. Well she didn't come in time...Nope it took VERY long, so we get bored and annoyed by so many people there and decided to go and take a drink in the city.
hahha judith is like "are you serious?!" XD

We bought some nice drinks and went through the empty streets of Luxembourg until we met some friends of them. SO AWESOME xD It was very funny~
Suddenly a wild asian women appeared and talked to us in english
"Can I please make a picture of your faces?? *^* " 
we were like "Fuck yeah 8D " 
She was sooo thankful and happy to get a picture from us and showed it to her friend (?) hahha
"Look Look! So creepy "
such a cute lady 8D

Afterwards we went back to the party location for some time.
We took the bus and made a private night party at judith's place xD

My Halloween was awesome! 
So many people stared at me, so many people looked very epic!! did it! hahah

Can't wait to see Judith again next week at the Loka concert < 3