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Freitag, 1. November 2013

Happy Halloween~

haiiiiiiii guys~!!
Did you have a great halloween??
I had! Mine was quite perfect hahahaa

I've met the quite Judith in the city yesterday with one of her friends (they are soooo awesome haha)
I can talk with them about Jrock, Kpop, Jpop, Anime,Manga, Japan, Fashion...about almost everything~!
So we went to Judith's place to make us creeeeeepy~

We wanted to meet nikyami at the party location. 
Time for our outfits and make up!
Judith's and my "new friend" haha made my creepy mouth < 3 always wanted to do one!! >8D

le me in the background and there is the beautiful judith :Dv

 picture spam~
hope you like my halloween look~ 

 my outfit~

here we are~ Judith and Sharon made a "mexican...ghost..or something" hahah their make up looked fabulous! *_* 

So far~
We were ready for the party~ soon as we arrived we were like WTF. SO many people haha
and we arrived quite early!
Well..we made a picture together and waited in front of the RockBox for nikyami. Well she didn't come in time...Nope it took VERY long, so we get bored and annoyed by so many people there and decided to go and take a drink in the city.
hahha judith is like "are you serious?!" XD

We bought some nice drinks and went through the empty streets of Luxembourg until we met some friends of them. SO AWESOME xD It was very funny~
Suddenly a wild asian women appeared and talked to us in english
"Can I please make a picture of your faces?? *^* " 
we were like "Fuck yeah 8D " 
She was sooo thankful and happy to get a picture from us and showed it to her friend (?) hahha
"Look Look! So creepy "
such a cute lady 8D

Afterwards we went back to the party location for some time.
We took the bus and made a private night party at judith's place xD

My Halloween was awesome! 
So many people stared at me, so many people looked very epic!! did it! hahah

Can't wait to see Judith again next week at the Loka concert < 3 



  1. very nice halloween costumes and awesome creepy makeup! :D you propably scared the shit out of the people in the city xD