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Samstag, 22. Februar 2014

Make Up Stuff ♥(˘⌣˘ )

haiiii guys!
A very lovely follower/friend asked me to show my make up stuff!
I wanted to make a tutorial too but I'm just too busy to do one..I'm very sorry! And I'm still thinking that I don't have talent to do a tutorial anyway! But I'll try one!

Anyway! Here are the things I love to use to make myself pretty ~

1) Face

Liquid Fondation and Concealer.
I fell in love with the concealer..makes my skin looking way better!

Powder, I've bought a brighter one last week, gonna try it as soon as my old one is gone :)

Blush, I never really used blush before but I will start doing it!
So I've bought this one last week ~

2) Eyes

most beloved eye shadows~

Eyebrow pencil

liquid eyeliner :3

glitter~ twinkle power~!

pencil eyeliner

black eyeshadow < 3 


to fix up my fake lashes~

eyelashes box with clue~

I've got this palette last week, gonna try some more colours :x
but I prefer using the ones from above..I prefer brown or dark colours.

 eyelashes I'm using at the moment.
from eyemazing and Dolly Wink.

bottom lashes :3 

3) Lips

lipgloss and lipstick~

Hope you enjoy my little presentation! And I hope it was helpful too? :)


Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

Flight to Tokyo is booked!!

Haiii guys~!
Short update to tell you something new! I still can't believe it. I'm doing it again...
I'm going back to TOKYO this summer!!
It's still like a dream for unreal...

I know! I went there "already" twice...but still. It's still something very important and special for me!
At first I didn't plan on going to Tokyo this year..but my dad wanted to go with me. He was pretty serious! He even wanted to pay everything alone! Sounds..crazy right..? IT is!
But after some weeks, he decided to stay at home. His health isn't the best and he's afraid to go so far away from home...And as some of you may know, summer in Tokyo is HOT.
He told me "Find someone else to go! I'll still give you the money..if you find someone"
Of course I would finde someone! < 3

We searched for flights, I've wrote Kuga-san a message that I would come back!
It took just a few days...and it was fixed...!

Guesthouse is checked!
Flights are booked!! 7.22 - 8. 21 !!

I'll be in Tokyo again this summer! For another month! My brain won't believe me until we are in the Guesthouse hahaha

Tokyo/Japan is the place where I'm feeling free...I always find some peace there..Nothing matters anymore.
163 days to go!


Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2014

GLAVIL & Ghost of Harlem Fukubukuro (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) (GorgeousBarbie Review)

haiiii guys!
It's been a while! There are so many news, so many things happened in the last few weeks! I'll write them all on my blog! Promise!
But let's start with a review. As some of you may know, at the beginning of january people in Japan are going crazy...crazy to get a LUCKY BAG (fukubukuro). I wanted one of these bags since a few years now..And thank to a good sweetie friend of mine, I've heard about a lovely shop who's selling them!
You can find the shop on facebook, it's called; Gorgeous Barbie !

So, I've been searching the lucky bags from GLAVIL and from Ghost of Harlem. I love the styles of both shops, so I wanted to try my luck with the bags! I found them very easily at the shop.
I took my descision and wrote the very cute shop owner! She's the person you are talking to if you want to buy something! Her name is Miho-chan ! She's a very kind person! She always answered my question and helped me with the order! :) It was my first time order something this expensive and I was kinda nervous! But the service from Gorgeous Barbie is very good! Of course I've checked some reviews of the shop before I've paied the amount..but still..I was very unpatient and nervous. It's normal I guess..the whole price with shipping was about 390€!! That's a lot of money!
At least I can say everything went out pretty well! Okay..the customs duty got my package __ __" and I had to pay 70€ again..holy shit right? Anyway. Miho-chan tried to help me as good she can!
It's not the last time I've ordered something from her shop! The shop is selling every known japanese brand! And the shipping costs are okay!
I've waited almost a month but my bags are here and the clothes are all fine, everything is looking very good! :D And the most important fact..everything fits! 8D boobs are just a little too big for 2 pieces..but it is still fiting..Anyway!

Let's start with the pictures!

my huge package! *^* I was so excited to open it!

Miho-chan put some sweets in it too! >///< < 3 
She's such a sweetheart! 

 Here they are!!


1) Sweatpants
2) Hoodie 

 3) Sweater

I love this sweater so much! < 3

 4) Longsleeve

my poor boobs...

5) Longsleeve

l o v e 

6) Jacket
it's so warm and cool! 
I'm so thankful they put this jacket in the bag! It's awesome!

I was wearing the longsleeve under it..that's why it 's looking so messed up on the bottom xD"

These are the gets from the GOH Fukubukuro!


GLAVIL by tutuha

1) Heart Pillow~

it's cute okay?!

 2) Dress

3) longsleeve

4) Fluffy Hoodie 
5) fluffy Skirt (with pants)

6) (digimon) glasses
okay that's not the right definition for it..but I feel like Tai xD

hell yeah 8D 

And there is a tiny bag as well!