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Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

Flight to Tokyo is booked!!

Haiii guys~!
Short update to tell you something new! I still can't believe it. I'm doing it again...
I'm going back to TOKYO this summer!!
It's still like a dream for unreal...

I know! I went there "already" twice...but still. It's still something very important and special for me!
At first I didn't plan on going to Tokyo this year..but my dad wanted to go with me. He was pretty serious! He even wanted to pay everything alone! Sounds..crazy right..? IT is!
But after some weeks, he decided to stay at home. His health isn't the best and he's afraid to go so far away from home...And as some of you may know, summer in Tokyo is HOT.
He told me "Find someone else to go! I'll still give you the money..if you find someone"
Of course I would finde someone! < 3

We searched for flights, I've wrote Kuga-san a message that I would come back!
It took just a few days...and it was fixed...!

Guesthouse is checked!
Flights are booked!! 7.22 - 8. 21 !!

I'll be in Tokyo again this summer! For another month! My brain won't believe me until we are in the Guesthouse hahaha

Tokyo/Japan is the place where I'm feeling free...I always find some peace there..Nothing matters anymore.
163 days to go!



  1. It's strange, but I feel so happy because of you now (*´艸`*) That's really amazing you can go! (´ω`♡) I wish you it with all my heart, really (´▽`ʃƪ) Have a fun there and I hope you'll write articles about this trip, because I've never been in Japan before and that's also my big dream(^v^)♡

    Mickey ~

    1. Naw thank you very much! ( > // < )
      I'll make some entries about my trip, of course! <3

  2. You can never go too many times! Have fun!!! ^^

  3. Your tokyo posts are my faves because you're always so happy and passionate about this. I'm so happy for you!

    1. omg..thank you really much!! <3
      well Tokyo is the place where I feel completely free, I'll make entries when I'm back there :3 <3