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Samstag, 22. Februar 2014

Make Up Stuff ♥(˘⌣˘ )

haiiii guys!
A very lovely follower/friend asked me to show my make up stuff!
I wanted to make a tutorial too but I'm just too busy to do one..I'm very sorry! And I'm still thinking that I don't have talent to do a tutorial anyway! But I'll try one!

Anyway! Here are the things I love to use to make myself pretty ~

1) Face

Liquid Fondation and Concealer.
I fell in love with the concealer..makes my skin looking way better!

Powder, I've bought a brighter one last week, gonna try it as soon as my old one is gone :)

Blush, I never really used blush before but I will start doing it!
So I've bought this one last week ~

2) Eyes

most beloved eye shadows~

Eyebrow pencil

liquid eyeliner :3

glitter~ twinkle power~!

pencil eyeliner

black eyeshadow < 3 


to fix up my fake lashes~

eyelashes box with clue~

I've got this palette last week, gonna try some more colours :x
but I prefer using the ones from above..I prefer brown or dark colours.

 eyelashes I'm using at the moment.
from eyemazing and Dolly Wink.

bottom lashes :3 

3) Lips

lipgloss and lipstick~

Hope you enjoy my little presentation! And I hope it was helpful too? :)



  1. nice collection ^^ I think I have the same eyeshadow palette xD

  2. The Dollywink liquid eye liner is very good! ^__^

  3. I have the foundation, concealer and the 24hr eyeliner too. They're great products for me (^^)