in the middle of chaos

Freitag, 28. März 2014

Still Alive~!

haiiiii guys!
Yeah, I'm still out there, living a normal students life! :x
I'm pretty busy with school since it's my final year and my finals are coming closer! I have to prepare myself very good! I wanna pass my last year and search for work as soon as I can!

Short update~!

1) I've got glasses a few weeks ago

I don't have to wear them every single moment! 
Only when I'm driving or need to read something from the blackboard.
...okay and to watch TV..

2) my hair is darker..again 8D

3) new wig arrived ~
I'm gonna wear it for the kyary pamyu pamyu concert >8D
not sure if I should straight it...

Well...time is running..

More news (?) 
will come tomorrow if I have time~

because there are some great news!!