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Dienstag, 29. April 2014

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ concert 2014/4/27 [cologne]

haiiii guys~!!
It's time for an update! :D

Last sunday was the kyary pamyu pamyu concert in cologne!!
Some of you may went too??

Let's start with my saturday!

I went to Jessica's place 'cause she's living at the border of Germany, so we would arrive faster in cologne from her location..Anyway!! She picked me up and we arrived super happy at her lovely home! We talked, laughed and she cooked something very good for me! OMFG it was so delicious ! *_* As smart as we are, we watched Horror Videos on youtube and got all excited because of the concert!! was sunday!! Our hearts made doki doki like hell! 
We stood up quite early to study for our tests on monday...yeay...¦D

Afterwards we made ourselves pretty for kyary-chan < 3 
sadly we didn't take any pictures...somehow we were just too excited! hahah sorry!!

Off we were!! First we checked kyary-chan's know what she's doing and if she's excited too < 3 
We drove about 2 hours and arrived at 6pm. There were so many people!! Well the concert was "sold out"!!! But I didn't really believe it HAHAHA SO WRONG! Many different people went to the concert...
Lolita, Cosplay, Decora, Visual Kei, JStreetFashion, "normal people", japanese families with their children..AND....OTAKU!! There were some real life OTAKU... HAHHAAHA They even had glow sticks and used them on the concert...I was so funny!! And crazy..HAHA So"
Anyway~! I've met some friends, saw Sui-chan and yeah...everything was pretty nice! :D 
They even opened the doors earlier...I don't know why but it was cool!
SO EXCITED!!! Only one more hour and I would see my idol again!! < 3 
The security controlled every bag and we went in...And there he was...PAMYURIN!! Next to the merch! You were able to make a picture with the cute bunny! We didn't make one xD We went to the merch (only TShirts, blue and white and a sweater) I was a bit dissapointed by the merch..Well! Save the money for Japan Ania!! 
After we got our Merch, we went to the wardrobe downstairs ~ Lucky they had one! 
Afterwards we went to the hall and searched for a nice place! The Otaku were in front of us HAHAHA not sure if cute or creepy...Anyway..~
We waited and another friend visited me^_^ We talked a bit and off he was~ 

SUDDENLY...the intro...the dancers came on stage...and KYARY!!! 
We were SO happy to see her! She has so much energy! She's like a little sun < 3 warming up everyones heart ~

Here the setlist (as far as I can remember)

-Super Scooter Happy

The order is wrong but she played all her well known singles!! Which makes me very happy! 

Kyary-chan is such a great young woman! I love her so much for her style and personality!
She was so cute, pretty and friendly! She explained us some dance moves we could do with her..and every single fan danced with her < 3 Amazing!! 
She changed her outfit four times and made a group picture with us < 3 

The concert took almost 2 hours. Jessica had tears in her eyes..and me too! 
She sang Yume no Hajima RinRin and I adore this song so much..I nearly cried! She made a great live performance! Her dancers also have lots of energy!! God everything was perfect hahaha

I'm very happy that I've seen kyary again! Hopefully gonna see her again someday!! ^__^ 

oh btw Otaku...
As we stood in the row to get our merch at the wardrobe..
An huge...not very pretty Otaku stood behind me...Jessica told me he made a picture of my face!! from an undercover Otaku you know? WTF IEH?!
I had my eyeball accessory in my hair and he was like "That looks very cute! With the eye hihihehe.." 
I looked at him, turned around and ignored him c.c 
"..subarashii desu yo!"
I just gave a "Arigatou Gozaimasu" and ignored him again...
He smelled of alcohol and...was creepy..Jessica just told me afterwards that he made a picture...
Gosh hahaha
I have no problem if people want to take a picture of me..BUT please ask! 
Don't make such an undercover shit..That's creepy and unpolite..THANKS 

We arrived at her place around 1am...and got 4 hours of sleep...YEAY!
We were so tired on monday hahah

Here are some "not so good pictures" of me~
without shoes HAHAH
 I'm looking like a pancake ~ kawaii pancake desu..!


Still can't believe I've seen her live again < 3 



  1. Scheint ein wirklich schönes Konzert gewesen zu sein ^^
    jaaaa creepy Leute hat man überall XD ..sowas nenne ich "Stalkerfoto".... das habe ich STÄNDIG wenn ich im Cosplay auf Conventions bin! Teilweise auch richtig frech und offensichtlich wenn man irgendwo sitzt und was isst oder sonstwas... als wäre man ein Tier im Zoo >.< Einfach fragen!!!!
    Süßes Outfit ^^
    bai bai

    1. Hahah Oh god!! Ja bei deinen Cosplays kommt das ganz bestimmt sehr oft vor!
      Oh Gott du Arme! D: Ich versteh sowas net, man brauch ja keine Angst haben. Vor allem Cosplay sind sich ja bewusst, dass Leute Fotos fragen könnten xD"
      Dankeschön :3

    2. Hahah Oh god!! Ja bei deinen Cosplays kommt das ganz bestimmt sehr oft vor!
      Oh Gott du Arme! D: Ich versteh sowas net, man brauch ja keine Angst haben. Vor allem Cosplay sind sich ja bewusst, dass Leute Fotos fragen könnten xD"
      Dankeschön :3

  2. Dein Outfit ist toll! ^__^ Es war sicher ein super Konzert. ^^

  3. Sounds awsome, it's great you had a ot of fun! ^-^
    I was on the perfume concert last year in collogn and there were so many people as well and there have been many japanese people as well. *0*

    1. perfume?! LAST YEAR! WHAT?! D:
      I missed them!? nooooo haha

  4. Oh toll. ^w^ Ich freu mich für dich, dass du ein schönes Konzert miterleben konntest. :3 Dein Outfit war auch sehr niedlich. Du siehst so süß aus damit. *A*

    1. Vielen lieben Dank!! >//<
      Ich liebe dieses Shirt so sehr hahaha, danke :3