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Mittwoch, 9. April 2014

HERESY Member!! ☆

haiiiii beloved readers!

As you can already read on my title~ I am a Heresy Member since two weeks!
You know? Heresy = the Gazette FanClub!

I didn't plan to join the FC because I really don't like it! And the Gazette Merch or Stuff is so expensive and quickly sold out! It's horrible...

I've seen this a month ago on the official FB page! 
....HERESY only Tour....First I was like OKAY venues and Heresy only = shit happenes again Ania!

suddenly I realized...31/7/14 ...Tsutaya O-East (Former Shibuya O-East)...
OMFG I had to enter the FC! I HAD TO! So I did!

I've waited for the 5th april...I woke up at 4am!! To order two tickets at 5am! (for me and Jessica who's coming with me to Japan < 3 ) 
It's been a while since I was soooo lovely friend Midori came to my place that day..well she was sleeping but she was by my side!! :x 
I don't like the tickets system anyway. There are way to many steps..
1) Application 

after this you have to wait until the 14th April for the
2) Confirmation
3) Payment

I will know if I got a ticket in a few days...So you have to wait almost 2 weeks!!! To know if you will see them live or not! And it seems to be a lottery too...well.. WTF ne? 

Dear God, please...after 8 years...Please give me the chance to see THE GAZETTE live...playing my most beloved albums in JAPAN...PLEASE.
If I won't get this chance, I'll stop trying! It would be my 4th failure..

Anyone else going to their Lives this summer?? :3
Is anyone else a Member of the FC?
How long does it take to get your Membercard??

So far!

Hope you all are doing fine!



  1. Good luck! I hope you get to see them live. ^^

  2. Das Ergebnis kommt erst am 19.4...also nicht wundern, wenn noch nix da ist :)

    Hast mir grad nen Schrecken eingejagt XDD

    1. Ja hab gestern auch auf der Seite gelesen, dass es noch später rauskommt xD"

      Gehste auch hin? :3

  3. Oh, dann drücke ich dir mal die Daumen, dass du gehen kannst. :)

    1. Dankeschön!! Hat wohl wirklich Glück gebracht!! :D