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Dienstag, 13. Mai 2014


haiiii guys~!!
Here I am again!
Short update :D I don't want to let you guys wait that long..but I'm pretty busy! Finals are near and I really want to pass my last year so I can really enjoy my next trip to Tokyo < 3

ah and I can see new readers?!?!
Hope you keep enjoying my blog so far! Even if I'm not able to write that much lately 8D

So what happened the last weeks??
I've wrote my last tests, and school is over for me since last friday!! Strange feeling! I swear!
But I'm very happy and I can't wait to put all my school stuff into a fire >8D BURN BITCHES~!!

First, I got my 2 ponytail wigs! FINALLY!
A very cute friend from germany helped me out with the order! Because the ebay shop only ships to Europe...America..and NOT to Luxembourg. Yeah...Luxembourg isn't part of the Europe..ya know _ _"
Anyway! I received them pretty fast! :D And my cute lovely friend put some chocolate in the package *^*

I paid like 15€ for both and the quality is very good for this cheap price!
Here is the result~ (but my hair isn't the same colour ;3; gonna dye it tomorrow hahah)

lazy outfit for warm days~ 
shirt; KPP Tour Shirt
pants; GLAVIL by tutuha
knee socks; H&M

Shirt; KPP Tour Shirt

I think the ponytail wigs are looking and feeling pretty good! < 3

Wanna see a creepy...ghost like...creature?
Here you go hahaha

and the result haha
God I love this wig..but I can't wait to get my extensions in Japan :x

 without the wig :x

Yeah, ready to study until I bleed my brain out ! 

I love this GLAVIL top..even if it destroys my boobs...f**** one size..There are people with boobies dear Japan!! hahah
necklace is also from GLAVIL < 3 

Kyahh!! btw!
My school was making their own sweaters for the final classes...
My class didn't like the idea of the others so we made one only for our class..
and here it is!! 8D

Yeah..I had some Poke Fans in my class...It was awesome hahah
especially when the boys were playing Pokemon and needed my help HAHAH 

I already checked the tourdate of SCREW and they start with the lives after september...So I was fine with not seeing them this year...until my cute PomPom told me about THIS event:
"stylish wave MAX '14 “一撃乱舞”
It's gonna be in Shibuya-O-EAST..PERFECT and here..are the bands;
FEST VAINQUEUR / SCREW / BORN / Jupiter / Lycaon / Black Gene For the Next Scene / NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST / DEZERT

I already wrote a shopping service and she's trying to win tickets in a lottery first, if it doesn't work, she will buy normal tickets instead! 8D OMFG
I'm gonna see SCREW again...with BORN, Fest Vainqueur and all the other great bands?!!!
2014...I love you..really..seriously..omfg

Last news~ 
My HERESY membercard arrived! 8D

the black colour fits him very good when he was younger...but I prefer this colour, blonde or light brown the most haha thank you Kaolu-sama < 3

Time to study~!!